• How to Get Published Article

    This flyer sets guidelines on how to get published research article. Standard and high quality publication is not easy, but there are certain things to consider about to improve your success rate at getting an article in a ...

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  • Special Issues

    Conscientia Beam welcomes proposals for Special Issue, a set of solicited and refereed collection of Articles and Research Notes on a predetermined theme or collection of papers on a specific topic from conference...

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  • Recruitment for Reviewers

    Conscientia Beam publishes academic journals are covering the Social Sciences; Medical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Agricultural Sciences; Physical Sciences; Engineering; Arts and Education and Legal...

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Editorial Board

Dr. Feng Xu College of Horticulture and Gardening Yangtze University Jingzhou, China

Dr. James Nicholas Furze University of the West of England, UK

Dr. Hamid Ali Abed AL-Asadi Basra University, Iraq

Dr. Syed Muhammad Shahid University of Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Chor Foon TANG Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), MALAYSIA

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