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Special Issues

Conscientia Beam welcomes proposals for Special Issue, a set of solicited and refereed collection of articles and research notes on a predetermined theme or collection of papers on a specific topic from conference proceedings or projects of broad interest, with typically six to ten articles in each group.  The special issues are designed to draw attention to under-researched or controversial topics or to new emerging themes in international research.

Since special issues attract high-quality submissions from influential scholars who are experts in the predetermined theme it provides a unique opportunity for one group of authors to present research that addresses a specific theme or that derives from a joint project. The ultimate goal of a special issue should be the encouragement of insightful and influential research, in line with the Statement of Editorial & Publishing Policy.

 Conscientia Beam proceedings journals publish special issues as a benefit for both authors and readers. Authors have their articles published with comparable work which provides a wider scholarly context for interpretation and citation. Readers have the benefit of a number of related articles usually in the forefront of current debate, research or professional practice.
 Guest editors from the Conscientia Beam Editorial Board organize each special issue surrounding a theme within their field of expertise. Each guest editor selects the most interesting and innovative content to be included in the themed issue, allowing viewers to stay informed and abreast of cutting-edge research methodologies.

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