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How to Get Published Article

This page sets out guidelines on how to get your research published as an article in a journal. Standard high quality publication of your work is not easy but there are certain things to consider if you want to improve your chances of success at getting published in a  Conscientia Beam journal.
Why have you considered publication?
Which kind of submissions will be accepted?
Which journal should you submit to?
Tips before submitting:
What should you do to prepare your manuscript?
Manuscript submission guidelines checklist
What happens next?
Depending on the journal, your article will be considered by the Editor/s and/or Associate Editors/Journal Manager and two reviewers, often from the Editorial Board or externally invited reviewers. If it is submitted to an online system, you will receive an acknowledgement.
There are four possible outcomes:
How you should handle revisions:
What happens once your paper has been accepted?