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Editors Responsibilities

Conscientia Beam is calling for expressions of interest for the appointments of the editor-in-chief, associate editor, development editor, regional editor, Editorial Advisory Board and Editorial Review Board for our international peer-reviewed journals. Conscientia Beam will follow an inclusive and transparent process to appoint the roles and invites the holder of any PhD to apply. Interested parties should submit applications including detailed CVs via email: editorialboard@conscientiabeam.com.
Duties for each role are listed below:
Editor-In-Chief/ Associate Editor/Development Editor/ Regional Editor  (Honorary)
The person in the role(s) will:
Editorial Advisory Board (Honorary)
Board members will: 
Editorial Review Board (Honorary)
Board members will:
Proofread Editor (Paid)
The person in this role will:
To apply as a board member for a specific journal, please select the appropriate journal and fill in your details in the form below.