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Sl.No. Image Journal Name Login URL
1. Animal Review  Login  
2. Asian Journal of Energy Transformation and Conservation  Login  
3. Book Series- Advances in Social Sciences  Login  
4. Cancers Review  Login  
5. Current Research in Agricultural Sciences  Login  
6. Financial Risk and Management Reviews  Login  
7. Games Review  Login  
8. Genes Review  Login  
9. Humanities and Social Sciences Letters  Login  
10. International Journal of Advances in Life Science and Technology  Login  
11. International Journal of Business Strategy and Social Sciences  Login  
12. International Journal of Business, Economics and Management  Login  
13. International Journal of Chemical and Process Engineering Research  Login  
14. International Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research  Login  
15. International Journal of Climate Research  Login  
16. International Journal of Education and Practice  Login  
17. International Journal of Geography and Geology  Login  
18. International Journal of Hydrology Research  Login  
19. International Journal of Management and Sustainability  Login  
20. International Journal of Mathematical Research  Login  
21. International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Research  Login  
22. International Journal of Natural Sciences Research  Login  
23. International Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research  Login  
24. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research  Login  
25. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Policy  Login  
26. International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Research  Login  
27. International Journal of Veterinary Sciences Research  Login  
28. International Research Journal of Insect Sciences  Login  
29. Journal of Atmosphere  Login  
30. Journal of Brain Sciences  Login  
31. Journal of Building Construction, Planning and Materials Research  Login  
32. Journal of Cells  Login  
33. Journal of Challenges  Login  
34. Journal of Diagnostics  Login  
35. Journal of Diseases  Login  
36. Journal of Empirical Studies  Login  
37. Journal of Food Technology Research  Login  
38. Journal of Forests  Login  
39. Journal of Future Internet  Login  
40. Journal of Information  Login  
41. Journal of Minerals and Materials Research  Login  
42. Journal of New Media and Mass Communication  Login  
43. Journal of Nutrients  Login  
44. Journal of Social Economics Research  Login  
45. Journal of Sports Research  Login  
46. Journal of Tourism Management Research  Login  
47. Quarterly Journal of Econometrics Research  Login  
48. Research in English Language Teaching  Login  
49. Review of Energy Technologies and Policy Research  Login  
50. Review of Advances in Physics Theories and Applications  Login  
51. Review of Catalysts  Login  
52. Review of Computer Engineering Research  Login  
53. Review of Environment and Earth Sciences  Login  
54. Review of Industrial Engineering Letters  Login  
55. Review of Information Engineering and Applications  Login  
56. Review of Knowledge Economy  Login  
57. Review of Plant Studies  Login  
58. The Asia Journal of Applied Microbiology  Login  
59. The Economics and Finance Letters  Login  
60. The International Journal of Biotechnology  Login  
61. World Journal of Molecular Research  Login  
62. World Journal of Vocational Education and Training  Login