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Subscription Information

Subscription Fees per year including postage expenses are as follows:

1. Print version

a) individual - USD 250 - 500
b) institutional - USD 1000 - 2000

2. Online

a) Individual - USD 150 - 450
b) Institutional - USD 500 - 1000

3. Print version + online version

a) individual - USD 350 - 1000
b) institutional - USD 1500 - 3000

4. Single Version

a) Single Issue Price: USD 100
b) Single Article Price: USD 10
Subscriptions purchased at the individual rate are strictly for individual, non-commercial use only. The reselling of individual subscriptions is prohibited. Individual subscriptions must be purchased with a personal check or credit card. Proof of personal status may be requested.
Institutional prices are available for higher education institutions. The rate of institutional Subscriptions is relatively higher as compared to the individual rate. 

If you are a corporate customer, but are not in these categories, please contact our team at 
If you are an agent who wants to subscribe on behalf of your customer, please contact our subscriptions team using the following email address: