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Determinant Analysis of Productivity on Rice Management in Indonesia

M. Noor Salim


Darwati Susilastuti


Henita Fajar Oktavia

M. Noor Salim 1

Darwati Susilastuti 2 ,

Henita Fajar Oktavia 2 
  1. Lecturer of Post Graduate of Mercubuana University, Indonesia. 1

  2. Lecturer of Agriculture Faculty of Universitas Borobudur, Indonesia. 2

Pages: 369-383

DOI: 10.18488/journal.62.2019.66.369.383

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Article History:

Received: 10 September, 2019
Revised: 14 October, 2019
Accepted: 20 November, 2019
Published: 24 December, 2019


Farming management is done because management is the ability of farmers to plan, organize and control the factors of production that they control as well as they are and can provide the expected agricultural production. The measure of management success is the productivity of each factor as well as the productivity of his effort. The problem of the research is how the simultaneous and partial impact of labor variables, land area, farmer competency, the experience of farming, the role of government and farmer institutions to rice farming and how its performance through productivity analysis and R/C ratio. Primary data analysis using OLS multiple regression. The results of the analysis were obtained simultaneously that labor variables, land area, farmer competency, the experience of farming, the role of government and farmer institutions significant effect on productivity with a coefficient of determination of 56,9%. The farmer competency variable is the dominant factor that affecting productivity with a Beta value of 56,9%. R/C ratio value 1,90, it means that farming is done efficiently by farmers. Optimum productivity is achieved in farming with an area of more than 1 hectare. The research finding of this study is that farmer competency is a determinant of productivity in the management of rice farming.
Contribution/ Originality
This study contributes in the existing literature is to be a reference for further researchers who want to deepen or re-examine the management of rice farming and are expected to later be able to make additional contributions to the government. In addition to strengthening institutional management that supports the management of farmer's rice farming to minimize losses on farmer's farming. It is hoped that rice farming can help farmers in obtaining a steady income for themselves and their families, having sufficient competence and skills in conducting efficient and productive farming.


Labor, Land area, Competency, Experience of farming, The role of government, Farmer institutions, Productivity, Efficiency, R/C ratio.



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This research was funded from a partnership project between Mercubuana University and Borobudur University.

Competing Interests:

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Thank you to the Rector of the University of Mercubuana and the University of Borobudur in Jakarta for the opportunity and support so that this research can be carried out properly.

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