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Editors Responsibilities

 Conscientia Beam is calling for the appointments for the editor-in-chief, associate editor, development editor, regional editor, Editorial Advisory Board and Editorial Review Board for our international peer-reviewed journals. The Conscientia Beam will follow an inclusive and transparent process to appoint the editors. Any PhD holder can apply. Interested person are supposed to submit their detail CV at info@pakinsight.com.

Editor-In-Chief/ Associate Editor/Development Editor/ Regional Editor

  1. Recommend high quality papers for publication in journals
  2. Call for papers from your reference
  3. Provide referees
  4. Take final decision
  5. Support to the quality control of the journal; check every issue before its release
  6. Promote journals in various ways, e.g. to promote journals at relevant conferences and other events

Editorial Advisory Board

  1. Support to the quality control of the journal
  2. Help in Indexation process

Editorial Review Board

  1. Perform review of submitted articles.

Proofread Editor

  1. Check typographical errors
  2. Check spellings
  3. Check wrong word usage
  4. Check sentence structure and its arrangement
  5. Check discrepancy in punctuation
  6. Check format of text and references according to the suitable style guide
  7. Check calculation made and the general knowledge information shared
  8. Check style of the tables, graphs and other art and text mention
  9. Check usage of italics, boldface and underline at the right places
  10. Check inappropriate terminology
  11. Check consistency of style in headings and in captions for tables
  12. Check consistency in logic, facts, and details, and query

The above mentioned tasks are almost all the professional tasks.