International Proceedings of Technological Development


Journal Information

The International Proceedings of Technology and Development (IPTD) is launched in November 2013 by “Pak Publishing Group” (PPG). It primarily focuses on publishing the proceedings of the enables the delegates of the conference to publish their papers regarding the technological developments for example electronic and information technology   online and then made it available for the academic researchers.

The articles are published in IPTD after checking the relevance either it is relevant to the sitting spectators and covering their desired topics or not. All the selective proceedings are available online within one month of acceptance of final scripts through the organizers of the conference.

Any paper sent to the IPTD  on an individual basis will not be considered as it is agreed with the organizers of the conference and guest editors and journal publishes full sets of conference proceedings only.

IPTD provides an opportunity of free access of papers within one month of acceptance along with the conference details of the organizers. The review process of the article will be  performed  by the conference scientific committee. The managing editor of IPTD only checks plagiarism on the articles for quality control purpose.

The publishing fees will be charged on the basis of a number of articles. The publication includes online publications and free of access .If the conference organizer demands the hard copy of the IPTD, the PPG will provide it on additional price of per hard copy.