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Review of Catalysts

March 2015, Volume 2, 1, pp 14-25

Review on Preparation and Description of Some First Series Divalent Transition Metal Complexes with Novel Schiff’s Base Ligands

Ali Mohammed Yimer

Ali Mohammed Yimer 1

  1. Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia 1

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Pages: 14-25

DOI: 10.18488/journal.96/2015.2.1/

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Schiff’s bases are flexible ligands which are synthesized from the condensation of primary amines with carbonyl groups such as aldehydes and ketones. These compounds are very important in medicinal and pharmaceutical fields because of their wide spectrum of biological activities. Most of them exhibit biological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal as well as antitumor activity. Metal complexes of the Schiff’s base ligands are generally prepared by treating metal salts with Schiff’s base ligands under appropriate experimental circumstances. Transition metal complexes derived from the Schiff’s base ligands with biological activity have been widely studied. This review summarizes the synthesis, biological activities and catalytic activities of Schiff base ligands and their transition metal complexes.
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