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Animal Review

March 2014, Volume 1, 1, pp 11-16

Effects of Cotton Gin Trash Level on the Performance of Desert Lambs in New Halfa Area, Kassala State, Sudan

Asma H.M Hamed


Amani A. B. Osman


Mohmed E. Elimam

Asma H.M Hamed 1

Amani A. B. Osman 2
Mohmed E. Elimam 3

  1. Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Gadarif, Gadarif, Sudan 1

  2. Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Kassala University, HalfaElgadida, Sudan 2

  3. Goat Research Centre, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan 3


An experiment was conducted to evaluate cotton gin trash(CGT) as a feed for Shugor Desert lambs in New Halfa area in the Butana plain, Kassala State, Sudan. Cotton gin trash has high EE and CP and the proximate analysis (%) is 98.67, 18.25, 22.70, 38.35, 8.20 and 12.50 for DM, EE, CF, CP, ash and NFE, respectively. These residues cause environmental problem when it is not well exploited. Fifteen Shugor Desert lambs about 8-10 month old weighing 26.5 kg in average were divided to three groups and fed isocaloric and isonitrogenous rations with 0, 10% and 20% CGT for 6 weeks. Daily feed intake increased significantly (P≤0.05) with increasing CGT in rations (1.12, 1.30 and 1.37 kg at 0, 10 and 20% CGT, respectively).Final body weight increased with CGT in rations, but not significantly (P≥ 0.05) and were 34.66,34.76 and 36.90 kg , respectively. Weight gain increased with increasing CGT in rations, but not significantly(P≥ 0.05).They were 7.72, 7.78 and 9.98 kg at 0,10 and 20%CGT, respectively. Feed conversion ratio improved with increasing CGT in rations and were 7.80, 6.54 and 6.03 at 0,10 and 20%CGT, respectively. The results showed that CGT had good nutritive value and improved sheep feed intake, performance and feed conversion ratio and should be promoted.
Contribution/ Originality
This study is one of very few studies which have investigated the effect of different levels of cotton gin trash on the performance of Sudanese desert lambs.The papers primary contribution is finding that cotton cotton gin trash had good nutritive value and improved sheep feed intake, performance and feed conversion ratio.



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