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Review of Computer Engineering Research

March 2019, Volume 6, 1, pp 35-44

Identification of Privacy and Security Risks of Internet of Things: An Empirical Investigation

Muhammad Hamza


Muhammad Azeem Akbar


Muhammad Shafiq


Tahir Kamal


Ali Mahmoud Baddour

Muhammad Hamza 1 ,

Muhammad Azeem Akbar 1 

Muhammad Shafiq 3 Tahir Kamal 3 Ali Mahmoud Baddour 3 

  1. School of Big Data and Software Engineering, Chongqing University, China. 1

  2. School of Computer Science & Technology, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China. 3

Pages: 35-44

DOI: 10.18488/journal.76.2019.61.35.44

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Article History:

Received: 20 December, 2018
Revised: 30 January, 2019
Accepted: 04 March, 2019
Published: 08 May, 2019


The internet of things (IOT) is a phenomenon of connected devices over the internet to ease human life. It is a system where a separate computing device embedded with sensors is connected to other devices or to the cloud through the different infrastructures of the Internet. The implication of the IOT is still challenging in a geographically distributed environment. Particularly, the main challenges are associated with data privacy and security. In this study, we investigate in the report the risks/issue related to IoT data privacy and security from the existing literature for the last two years and provide a review. We identify a total of seven issues related to IoT data privacy and security. The findings revolved that Privacy, Security, confidentiality, and integrity are the most significant issues for IoT in the current era. The findings of this study provide the researchers with a body of knowledge about the critical issues faced by the users and practitioners of IOT across the globe.
Contribution/ Originality
In this paper, we conducted the literature review to find out the main challenges that are being faced by challenges related to privacy and security mainly, authentication and access control, confidentiality and integrity IOT devices users and as well as for IOT manufacturer. We highlighted seven, privacy, trust on the device and conducted a questionnaire survey from different organizations and from different research experts and ranked it accordingly.


Internet of things, Privacy, Data security, Data integrity, Confidentiality, Empirical investigation.