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Review of Computer Engineering Research

June 2016, Volume 3, 1, pp 25-34

To Convalesce Task Scheduling in a Decentralized Cloud Computing Environment

Arun Sangwan


Gaurav Kumar


Sorabh Gupta

Arun Sangwan 1 ,

Gaurav Kumar 1 Sorabh Gupta 1 
  1. Department of Information Technology, Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panipat, Haryana, India 1

Pages: 25-34

DOI: 10.18488/journal.76/2016.3.1/

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With the contempo slump and the immutable crush to deliver more services at a lower cost. Delivery model offers lower cost, and can make quick construction services. IT economics are changing rapidly, and large companies, in particular, looking for new ways to secure capital at a lower cost to maintain the viability of the company. Task scheduling problems are first class related to the overall efficiency of cloud computing facilities. Most developed algorithms for automation planning approach in one parameter of quality of service (QoS). However, if we consider more than one QoS parameter then the problem becomes more challenging. To address the problem, we need to introduce a scheduling strategy for multi-workflows with multiple QoS constrained for cloud computing. We need to introduce an optimized algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing and its implementation. Furthermore, Load Balancing is a method to distribute workload across one or more servers, network interfaces, hard drives, or other computing resources. Use these components with the load balancing, on the one chamber, grow well in redundancy.

Contribution/ Originality
This study contributes in the existing literature of how to improve task scheduling. In this paper we allocate appropriate services for processing the workflow tasks and schedule the tasks on the services according to the requirements and the cloud environment. Efficient task scheduling method can meet users' demands, and Improve the utilization always come across a good deal of the world environment.


Cloud computing, Cloud task scheduler, Load balancing, Virtualization.



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