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International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research

September 2020, Volume 7, 3, pp 98-108

The Relationship between Food Production, Agricultural Land, Rice Production, and Rice Price: An Empirical Study on Thailand and Viet Nam

Anh Tru Nguyen

Anh Tru Nguyen 1

  1. Faculty of Accounting and Business Management, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Trau Quy, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam. 1

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Pages: 98-108

DOI: 10.18488/journal.70.2020.73.98.108

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Article History:

Received: 10 February, 2020
Revised: 13 March, 2020
Accepted: 16 April, 2020
Published: 07 May, 2020


Food security has been considered as one of priorities in the development of socio-economics of Southeast Asian countries. The article aims to examine the causal relationship between food production, agricultural land, rice production and rice price in Thailand and Viet Nam between 1988 and 2017. We found that agricultural land positively affects food production index. We also found that paddy rice production has a positive relationship with food production index. Results showed that there are directional relationships running from food production index to agricultural land and paddy rice production; from agricultural land to paddy rice production; from paddy rice production to food production index; and from rice price to agricultural land. Further, there is a co-integration among variables in the long run. Lastly, policies are recommended to ensure food security and achieve a sustainable development in Thailand and Viet Nam.
Contribution/ Originality
This study contributes to the existing literature by clarifying the causal relationship between food production, agricultural land, rice production and rice price in Thailand and Viet Nam between 1988 and 2017, using a vector autoregressive model.


Food, Agricultural land, Rice production, Rice price, Thailand, Viet Nam.


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This study received no specific financial support.

Competing Interests:

The author declares that there are no conflicts of interests regarding the publication of this paper.


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