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International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research

December 2015, Volume 2, 4, pp 120-132

An Analysis of the Pre and Post Harvest Management Techniques in Rice Production: The Case of Unvda Ndop, North West Region, Cameroon

Bime M. J.


Ngala N. M.


Jaza A. F


Mawo M.L

Bime M. J. 1 ,

Bime M. J. 1 ,
Ngala N. M. 1 Jaza A. F 1 Mawo M.L 5

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Dschang, Cameroon 1

  2. Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) Ndop 5

Pages: 120-132

DOI: 10.18488/journal.70/2015.2.4/

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This paper examines the adoption of  improved pre and post  harvest  management techniques with  a view to finding  means to improve on the livelihood of  rice  farmers. These farmers were selected from two divisions (Bui and Ngoketunjia) where rice is being produced by the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) in the North West Region of Cameroon. The study was to identify; the major causes of pre and post harvest losses, the management techniques adopted to overcome these losses, the socio economic characteristics of farmers that influence the adoption of the techniques. The multistage random sampling technique was used to get a sample of 120 rice farmers, from whom necessary information were elicited using questionnaires. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and binomial logit model. The results revealed  that  marital  status,  quantity  of  grains  harvested,  membership  into  a  common initiative  group  and  surface  area  cultivated  were  statistically  significant  factors  influencing adoption  of  pre  and  post  harvest  management techniques. Also household size, farming experience and farm type were positively and statistically not significant factors while gender, age of farmer, level of education and income level affected adoption negatively and were not statistically significant  Lack of financial incentives, inadequate  machinery,  poor  soils,  were major constraints faced by  respondents.  It  was  recommended  that  all  factors  that  significantly  affect  adoption  of technologies  be  improved.
Contribution/ Originality
This study is one of the few studies which have investigated the causes of pre and post harvest losses experienced by farmers of UNVDA and have used a different estimation methodology to determined factors influencing the adoption of pre and post harvest management techniques.




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