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Journal of Food Technology Research

June 2014, Volume 1, 1, pp 73-83

Quality Characteristics of High-Oleic Sunflower Oil Extracted from Some Hybrids Cultivated Under Egyptian Conditions

Awatif I. Ismail


Shaker M. Arafat

Awatif I. Ismail 1 Shaker M. Arafat 1 

  1. Oils & Fats Research Department, Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt 1

Pages: 73-83

DOI: 10.18488/journal.58/2014.1.1/

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This work was conducted to study the oil content, quality criteria of different seven sunflower hybrids growing under local environmental condition. Three high-oleic hybrids (2031, 2033 and Olivico), two mid-oleic hybrids (A12 AND A15) and two traditional hybrids (120 and 53) were studied to determine the oil content, physico-chemical properties, total tocopherol, oxidative stability by Rancimat method at 100ºC and fatty acid composition by GC during2012-2013.According to the results, the hybrids 2033, 2031 and A15 produced higher oil content (44.00%, 43.30% and 38.79% respectively, than other hybrids under study. Hybrids 2033, Olivico and 2031 had higher tocopherol content (445, 423, 419ppm) than other hybrids. In contrast, significant differences were noticed in oxidative stability and fatty acid composition. The hybrids 2033, Olivico and 2031 showed the higher oxidative stability (19.00, 17.50 and 17.00 hr) and oleic acid (82.87%, 82.11% and 81.40%) respectively. In conclusion, results indicated that the high-oleic and mid- oleic sunflower hybrids cultivated under Egyptian conditions gave higher quality oil.
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