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Business Strategies for Effective Entrepreneurship: A Panacea for Sustainable Development and Livelihood in the Family
Author(s): Chika Oguonu
Features of a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management
Author(s): Sergey A. Surkov , Ellen G. Trofimova
Mental Disorders Signs in Afghan Immigrants/Refugees
Author(s): Mahboubeh Dadfar , David Lester , Mohammad Kazem Atef Vahid , Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek , Mehrdad Mohammadian , Jafar Bolhari , Fazel Bahrami , Ali Asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Implementing IFRS for SMEs: Challenges for Developing Economies
Author(s): Helen Samujh , S. Susela Devi
The Sudan Civil Service: One Century of Development
Author(s): Garoot Suleiman Eisa , Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Sin
Liability of the Insurance Company in International Insurance of Carriage of Goods
Author(s): Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat
Application of Value Chain Analysis in the Sustainable Management of Tertiary Distance Education Programmes in Nigeria
Author(s): Nwizu, Stella Chioma
Does Organizational Learning Matter?
Author(s): Gholamreza Zandi , Mohamed Sulaiman
Effects of Servant Leader Behaviors on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors for the Individual (OCB-I) In the Nigeria’s Utility Industry Using Partial Least Squares (PLS)
Author(s): Abdu Jaafaru Bambale , Faridahwati Mohd Shamsudin , Chandrakatan a/l Subramaniam
Employer Branding Impact on Employee Behavior and Attitudes Applied Study on Pharmatecual in Egypt
Author(s): Mohamed Wahba , Dalia Elmanadily
Strategic Supply Chain Framework as an Effective Approach to Procurement of Public Construction Projects in Nigeria
Author(s): N.U. Dim , A.C.C. Ezeabasili
Future Forward: Banking on Youngsters to Create Value
Author(s): Ashwath K. S , Asha Thalisha Bala Krishnan , Asvattha Kumaran
E-Marketing and Survival of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Uganda, A Study of Northern Uganda
Author(s): John Acire
Exploring Potential Entrants’ Perceptions of the Performance of an Agrirural Social Enterprise in Taiwan
Author(s): Wen-Shan Chang , Chaoyun Liang
A Comprehensive Public-Private Partnership Concept for Resources Sustainability from a Mega-Project Management Multi-Level Perspective
Author(s): Christopher Mulanda Aura , Farida Hassan , Melckzedeck K. Osore , Safina Musa , George Morara , Jacqueline Uku
Comparison between Decision Making Method for Success Right or Wrong of Software Development Project
Author(s): Kazuhiro Esaki , Kizuku Kuwahara , Tetsu Sagae
Sustainability Risk Management (SRM): An Extension of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Concept
Author(s): Nazliatul Aniza Abdul Aziz , Norlida Abdul Manab , Siti Norezam Othman
Analysis Place Branding as a Local Culture Kampung Naga West Java Indonesia
Author(s): Mutia Tri Satya , Aneu Kuraesin
The Role of Supervisory and Leadership Type in Budgeting Commitment on Hospitals’ Financial Performance in East Java Province, Indonesia
Author(s): Muhammad Zulfikar Asumta , Stefanus Supriyanto , Fitri Ismiyanti , Sri Hartiningsih
The Creation of Financial Performance Based on the Economic Value Added Perspective: A Case of Indonesian Estate Firms
Author(s): Adi D Guritno , Henry Yuliando , Agustinus N Dairo
Contribution of Employee Engagement and Interpersonal Relationship to Improve Employee Performance
Author(s): Rolyana Ferinia , Tjutju Yuniarsi , H. Disman
Influence of Outside Directors on Performance of Japanese Companies
Author(s): Hiroyuki Matsuoka , Kazuhiro Manabe
Analysis of Infectious Diseases Spreading Process and ICT-Based Management System
Author(s): Hyun Ju Jo , Sung Gye Moon , Bong Gyou Lee
Stimulating Commercial Drones with Open Spectrum Paradigm
Author(s): Se Ho Kim , Sang Hoo Oh , Bong Gyou Lee
A Research on the Implementation of an ICT-Based Entry and Exit Control System to Prevent Hospital Infection
Author(s): Hyuk Ho , Wan Chol Ho , Bong Gyou Lee
Benefits and Risks of Satisficing Levels for Input and Output Quantities in Efficiency Analyses from a Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective
Author(s): Malte L. Peters , Stephan Zelewski
Incorporating Pollution Taxes and/or Subsidies into Master Planning in Semiconductor Foundry Plants
Author(s): Chi Chiang , Hui-Lan Hsu
The Influence of Personality Traits on Entrepreneurial Intention
Author(s): Ozgur DEMIRTAS , Mustafa KARACA , A. Hakan OZDEMIR
Ergonomic Analysis of Worker Postures in Waste Collection Job
Author(s): A .A. Yussouff , K.A. Adedej , S.O Ismaila
Scale for Measuring Transformational Leadership in Public Sector Organizations in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to Ministries of Western Provincial Council
Author(s): N. Nilwala , K. Gunawardana , R. L. S. Fernando
Exploring Learning Experience in a Total Enterprise Simulation Based on Means-End Theory
Author(s): Fuyume SAI
To Check the Effect of Advertising, Personal Selling and Public Relations on Consumer Preferences, A Case of Telecommunication Sector in Faisalabad
Author(s): Muhammad Salman Arshad , Abdul Ghafoor
The Relationship between Sport Organizational Management Practices and Coaching Leadership Style of Primer League Football Clubs in Ethiopian
Author(s): Biruk Hundito , N.Vijay Mohan
Disrupting Digital Future of Product Lifecycle
Author(s): A. Seetharaman , Nitin Patwa , A.S. Saravanan , Shital Vakhariya
An Investigation into the Factors Affecting the Sustainability of the Land Reform Programme Beneficiaries in Kwa Zulu-Natal Province
Author(s): Nomapha Maureen Magula , Shaun Wilbur Pekeur
Some Thoughts on Operationalizing the Concept of Sufficiency in Efficiency Analysis
Author(s): Malte L. Peters , Stephan Zelewski
Profiling Saltwater Recreational Anglers toward the Threats of Marine Environment
Author(s): Jennifer CHI , Yeong Nain CHI
Organisation Restructuring: The Influence of Interpersonal Conflict, Anomie, and Trust in Management on Counterproductive Work Behaviour
Author(s): Shereen Noranee , Alwi Shabudin , Azilah Anis , Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim , Abdul Kadir Othman
The Effect of Proactive Market Orientation on Company Performance: The Case of Medium and Large Manufacturing Companies in Ethiopia
Author(s): Aschalew Degoma Durie , Elias Shetemam Beshir
Transformational Leadership and Contextual Performance: A Quantitative Study among Nursing Staff in Kuala Lumpur
Author(s): Mandana Heshmati Manesh , Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh , Ibiwani Alisa Binti Hussain
Management and Agrarian Sustainability-Impact of Institutions in Bulgaria
Author(s): Hrabrin Bachev
Feature Analysis of Ship Emission Under China’s ECA Policy: A Perspective from Shanghai
Author(s): Yibing Zhu , Jiawei Ge , Xuefeng Wang , Zhipeng Xu
Challenges for Sustainability in Critical Raw Material Assessments
Author(s): Arnaud DIEMER , Eduard NEDELCIU , Marie SCHELLENS , Johanna GISLADOTTIR
Revisiting Electricity-Economic Growth Nexus in Sub-Sahara Africa: Perspectives from Nigeria and South Africa
Author(s): Iyabo OLANRELE
Human Capital Development and Organizational Survival: A Theoretical Review
Author(s): Obiekwe, Onyebuchi
A Review of Organic Food Consumption from a Sustainability Perspective and Future Research Directions
Author(s): Chamila R. Perera , Lester W. Johnson , Chandana R. Hewege
A Comparison of Impacts of Climate Change on Urban Poverty and Rural Poverty in the North-West China
Author(s): Xiaoxue Zhou , Jiancheng Chen
Cost Efficiency of Bioenergy Industry and its Economic Determinants in EU-28: A Tobit Model Based on DEA Efficiency Scores
Author(s): Mohd Alsaleh , A.S. Abdul-Rahim
Does Gearing Influence on Corporate Performance? Evidence from Kenya
Author(s): George Gikama Muthoni
Material Pinch Location and Critical Materials Recycling
Author(s): Zlatan Mujkic , Nikita Krekhovetckii , Andrzej Kraslawski
Factors Affecting Garments Employees Perception on Job Performance: Evidence from Bangladesh
Author(s): Md. Rahat Khan , Sanjoy Kumar Roy , S. M. Khaled Hossain
Demographic Factors Influence on the Tendency to Become Entrepreneur: Estimating the Antecedents and Consequences of Entrepreneurial Tendency
Author(s): Mohammad Rashed Hasan Polas , Amitab Bhattacharjee , Valliappan Raju , Mohammad Imtiaz Hossain
Explaining Stress and Depression Level of Nurses: The Effects of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity
Author(s): Ayşe Gokcen Kapusuz
The Impact of Industrial Agglomeration on Carbon Emissions: Empirical Evidence from China
Author(s): Ya Wen , Meng Liao
Customer Care Service Management is Moving Forward to Achieve Sustainable Customer Retention in Every Industry. Does it play a Role to Increase Brand Retention?
Author(s): Amitab Bhattacharjee , Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi , Mohammad Rashed Hasan Polas , Mohammad Imtiaz Hossain , Abdul Saboor Asheq
Supplier Selection and Optimization of Supply Chains
Author(s): Zlatan Mujkic , Ardian Qorri , Andrzej Kraslawski , Saranda Gashi
Pricing Strategy of Supply Chains with Uncertain Remanufacturing Rate and WTP Discrepancy
Author(s): Tong Shu , Qi Liu , Shou Chen , Shouyang Wang , Kin Keung Lai
Effects of Medical Security Satisfaction and Trust in Doctors on Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from China
Author(s): Xiaomei Gong , Jiaping Zhang
Exploratory Research to Create a Dynamic Framework for Strategic Style
Author(s): Chen Sheng
Ecological Treatment of Urban Organic Waste in the Context of Climate Change- A Chinese Perspective
Author(s): Xiuhua Li , Mehran Idris Khan , Yen-Chiang Chang
An Overview of Corporate Governance Models in Financial Institutions
Author(s): Md. Kausar Alam , Suhaimi Ab Rahman , Hasri Mustafa , Sabarina Mohammed Shah , Md. Mizanur Rahman
Role of Top Management Advocacy in SME’s Business Sustainability: A Mediation through Technology Opportunism
Author(s): Shoaib Asim , Cai Li , Habib ur Rehman Makhdoom
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management: The Role of Partner Collaboration and Power
Author(s): Listowel Owusu Appiah
Supply Chain and Logistics Management and an Open Door Policy Concerning Cyber Security Introduction
Author(s): Darrell Norman Burrell , Nimisha Bhargava , Orna Bradley-Swanson , Maurice Harmon , Jorja Wright , Delores Springs , Maurice Dawson
Exploring the Mediating Effect of Demographic Attributes on the Relationship between Employee Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Author(s): Abdullah Al Ahad , Md Rahat Khan