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Journal of Future Internet

June 2014, Volume 1, 2, pp 21-27

Meteorological and Hydrological Disasters Bangladesh Experiences Every Year Monitored Through Space Technology

Suraiya Begum


Md. Shah Alam


Mehrun Nessa


Md. Shajahan Ali


Md. Firoz Molla

Suraiya Begum 1 Md. Shah Alam 1 Mehrun Nessa 3
Md. Shajahan Ali 4
Md. Firoz Molla 5

  1. Principal Scientific Officer, Bangladesh 1

  2. Chief Scientific Officer, Bangladesh 3

  3. Sr. Scientific Officer, Bangladesh 4

  4. Asstt. Engr. Bangladesh Space Research & Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), Bangladesh 5


The physical cause of this disaster is embodied in law of science and hence proper scientific research is necessary to deal with them. Bangladesh is one of the disaster  prone country faces   Cyclones, Floods, draught, Norwesters/Tornadoes, Earthquake etc. almost every year. 
The Role of Remote Sensing in the monitoring such natural disasters has been described in this paper. 

Contribution/ Originality
 SPARRSO, has been engaged with monitoring of different natural disasters using remote sensing technology since early seventies’. This type dealing is necessary to study the nature of the events useful for awareness and   disaster management towards sustainable development of the country. 



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