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Upgraded Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem
Overcoming Domestic Labour among Secondary School Students in Kenya
Rheoencephalography: Past Popularity, Obvilion at Present and Optimistic Furure
Chondrosarcoma of the Upper Extremity of the Humerus: A Case Report
Optimization and Predictive Capability of Rsm Using Controllable Variables in Azadiracha Indica Oilseeds Extraction Process
Analysis of Integrated Science and Computer Science Students’ Academic Performances in Physics in Colleges of Education, Nigeria
Student- Teacher and Student- Student Interaction in Second Language Teaching- Learning Environment: A Micro-Teaching Case Study
Episodic Memories among First and Fourth Graders Early Childhood University Student Teachers, Concerning Teachers’ Behaviors: A Mixed Method Approach
Analysis of Rainfall and Temperature Variability to Guide Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolar) Production in Miesso Areas, Eastern Ethiopia
Bipolar Confrontation in Global Politics: History, Philosophy And Challenges: As Witnessed Above And Beyond September 11th 2001 Attacks On the Us and Typified In the Current Boko Haram Saga in Nigeria
The Socio-Ecological and Health Implication of Meeting the Challenges of Food Insecurity in the 21st Century in the Agrarian Society of Cross River, Nigeria
Pedagogy Design in Responsible Tourism Vis-À-Vis Challenges of Sustainable Development- A Qualitative Study On Reports and Cases of Research and Advocacy Organisations