Journal of Diagnostics

Published by: Asian Medical Journals
Online ISSN: 2409-322X
Print ISSN: 2413-8371
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Most Cited Articles

2 Application of Saliva as Diagnostic Bio-Fluid- An Overview
Author(s): Manu Rathee , Mohaneesh Bhoria
1 Anthropometric Parameters as Predictors of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Central Indian Children 5-15 Years
Author(s): Sachin Pawar , Vinod Shende , Satish Waghmare , MT Jivtode
1 Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Systematic Review
Author(s): Fatemeh Sayahi , Shohreh Jalaie
0 Heart Failure in a Young Lady: A Reversible Cause
Author(s): Kaushik Ghosh , Sunandan Sikdar , Susmita Ghosh , Ambarish Bhattacharyya , Sisir Chakraborty , Arijit Bag
0 The Successful Treatment of Obstructive Uropathy Caused By Retroperitoneal Fibrosis with Steroids in the Latent Tuberculosis Case
Author(s): Yasemin Soyoral , Bulent Ozbay , Huseyin Begenik , Mehmet Naci Aldemir , Reha Erkoc , Deniz Bulut
0 Non Syndromic, Bilateral, Dentigerous Cysts Associated with Inverted Mandibular Third Molars: A Case Report
Author(s): Purnachandrarao Naik. N , Ravi Kiran. A , Samata. Y , Vijay kumar. A
0 Treatment of Adamantinoma in Tibial Diaphysis by Hemicortical Resection and Strut Allograft
Author(s): Mustafa Nazım Karalezli , Ismail Hakkı Korucu , Oguzhan Pekince , Serdar Toker