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Journal of Diagnostics

December 2014, Volume 1, 2, pp 42-46

Chondrosarcoma of the Upper Extremity of the Humerus: A Case Report

Abdelilah Mouhsine


Hicham Sallahi


Ahmed Belkouch


El Mehdi Atmane


Redouane Rokhssi


Youssef Berrada


Khalid Koulali


Lahcen Belyamani


Abdelghani ElFikri


Mbarek Mahfoudi

Abdelilah Mouhsine 1 ,

Mbarek Mahfoudi 1 

Hicham Sallahi 3 

Ahmed Belkouch 4 El Mehdi Atmane 1 Redouane Rokhssi 1 Youssef Berrada 1 Khalid Koulali 3 Lahcen Belyamani 4 Abdelghani ElFikri 1 

  1. Department of Radiology HMA, Marrakech, Morocco 1

  2. Department of traumatology HMA, Marrakech, Morocco 3

  3. Emergency Department, Military Hospital of Instruction Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco 4

Pages: 42-46

DOI: 10.18488/journal.98/2014.1.2/

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Chondrosarcomas are frequent bone tumors, just after osteosarcomas, they represent 11 to 22% of all bone tumors. Proximal humerus localization occurs in about 9% of cases, the clinical picture is variable, imagery helps to establish the diagnosis, to give an exact lesion assessment and to guide therapeutic attitude and post treatment control. Confirmation is set by histology. 
We highlight through this case presentation clinical and radiological aspects of these tumors.

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