Review of Catalysts

Published by: Asian Medical Journals
Online ISSN: 2410-6607
Print ISSN: 2412-3706
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Effectiveness of Treatment of Water Surface with Ferric Chloride and Aluminium Sulphate
Author(s): N. Zouhri , M. El Amrani , M. Taky , M. Hafsi , A. Elmidaoui
Review on Preparation and Description of Some First Series Divalent Transition Metal Complexes with Novel Schiff’s Base Ligands
Author(s): Ali Mohammed Yimer
Influence of Seed Location in the Fruit Pod of Fluted Pumpkin (Telfairia Occidentalis Hook. F.) and Poultry Wastes on Plant Sex Ratio
Author(s): N. L. Aniekwe , M.C. Mbah
Chromium Complex Pre-Catalysts in Ethylene Oligomerization/Polymerization
Author(s): Venkataramana Katla , Shizhen Du , Carl Redshaw , Wen-Hua Sun