Journal of Sports Research

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2410-6534
Print ISSN: 2413-8436
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Reliability of the Turning Point Core Trainer as a Measure of Shoulder Hip Separation Angle, Shoulder Angular Velocity, and Hip Angular Velocity During Volleyball Spiking Actions
Author(s): Bader J. Alsarraf , Justin R. Brown , Mike Waller , Patricia Eisenman , Charlie A. Hicks-Little
Comparative Study of Print Media Coverage of Indian Athletes in London Olympics
Author(s): Asish Paul , Gopa Saha Roy
Theoretical Preparation of Fencers at the Stage of Previous Basic Development
Author(s): Briskin Yuriy , Pityn Maryan , Zadorozhna Olha , Vaulin Oleksandr
Effects of the Sport Education Model on University Students Game Performance and Content Knowledge in Basketball
Author(s): Todd E Layne , Sami Yli-Piipari
Post-Exercise Cold Water Immersion on Sports Performance Recovery: A Review
Author(s): Gary Chi Ching Chow , Shirley Siu Ming Fong , Joanne Wai Yee Chung , Duncan James Macfarlane
The Ability to Maintain Static Balance in Younger School Children and Its Relation to the Stability of a Posturographic Surface
Author(s): Piotr Zurek , Mateusz Rynkiewicz , Piotr Wojciak , Barbara Morawin , Tadeusz Rynkiewicz
Measuring The Relative Efficiency of Tournaments
Author(s): Graham Pollard , Denny Meyer , Geoff Pollard
Differences in Kinetics and Coordination between Walking Barefoot and Walking in Rocker Bottom Shoes
Author(s): Miriam Klous , Jennie Engel , Grace Altman , William R. Barfield
A General Measure for the Relative Efficiency of Any Two Scoring Systems
Author(s): Pollard, Graham , Pollard, Geoff
The Effect of Combined Resistance and Endurance Training on Some Physical Fitness Factors in Young Men
Author(s): Mohsen Akbarpour Beni , Hamid Sadeghian
Aspect of Mobbing Behaviors Incurred On the Staff Working At the Directorates of Youth Centers
Author(s): Serkan Hac─▒caferoglu
Psychological Skills during Training and Competition on Recovery-Stress State among Adolescent State Athletes
Author(s): Garry Kuan , Yee-Cheng Kueh
A Comparative Study on Circumference of Selected Body Parts of 13 Years Old Boys of Four Different Altitudes of Darjeeling District
Author(s): Jyan Chandra Gurung
Quality Management of Olympic, Non-Olympic and Paralympic Sport Federations
Author(s): Belia Mendez Rial , Jose Maria Cancela Carral
The Comparison of Communication Skills of Istanbul Gelisim University Physical Education and Sports School Students According to their Departments
Author(s): Tekmil Sezen Goksu , Unsal Tazegul
Investigation of Some Factors, Influencing the Level of Performance and Relative Performance of Top Olympic Weightlifters
Author(s): Andras S. Szabo , Attila Adamfi
FMS Corrective Intervention Improves FMS Composite Score and 1-Mile Run Time, without Concurrent Change in Hip Extension Strength, Vertical Jump or T-Shuttle Run Time, in Recreational Runners
Author(s): George Dallam , Karen Hostetter , Michael McFadden , Daniel Bowan , Marie Pickeril , Steve McClaran
Developing a Scale to Measure a Football Players Transfer Score
Author(s): Necmi Gursakal , Halil Orbay Cobanoglu , Bulent Batmaz , Sandy Cagliyor , F─▒rat Melih Yilmaz
The Influence of Strength and Power on Rowing, Ski Ergometer Performance
Author(s): Andrew Hatchett , Kaitlyn Armstrong , Brittany Hughes , Charlie Tant