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Management of Difficult Airway Due To Chop Wound In Posterior Neck
Author(s): Rajdip Hazra , Sisir Chakraborty , Rajarshi Bose , Manjunatha SM , Kaushik Ghosh , Md. Babrak Manuar , Md. Nurejjaman , Saswati Pal
EuroFIR Project – A Key Role in Creation and Compiling of Bulgarian Food Composition Database
Author(s): Desislava Krasteva Gyurova
Protective Effect of L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) On Mercury Detoxication and Physiological Aspects of Albino Rats
Author(s): Somaya M.Ismail , Hayat A.Ismail , Ghidaa M. Al-Sharif
A Review of a Community Health Care Workers’ Programme in South Africa
Author(s): Siziwe O Ngcwabe , Krishna K Govender
Determinants of Non-Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy and Modeling Progression of Adherence Level: At Yirgalem Regional Hospital, Ethiopia; January, 2012
Author(s): Zeray Abebe Irano , Ayele Taye , Tesfalem Teshome Tessema , Hawult Taye Adane , Chalachew Misganaw Alemayehu
Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Cyphostemma Digitatum on Serum Lipid Profile and Liver Enzymes in Hyperlipidemic Subjects
Author(s): Mohammed A. Al-Duais , Qais A. Nogaim , Yahya S. Al-Awthan , Aisha Al-Dherasi
Ethanolic Extract of Ginger on the Histology of the Pancrease in Adult Wistar Rats
Author(s): Kebe, E. Obeten , Patrick O. Ede , Victoria N. Isaac , Patricia P. Obasee
Prevalence of Stunting and Associated Factors among Under Five Children in Wondo Genet Woreda, Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia
Author(s): Yadessa Tegene Woldie , Tefera Belachew , Dejene Hailu , Tesfalem Teshome , Hordofa Gutema
Xerostomia in Geriatric Population: An Insight into Etiopathogenesis, Diagnosis and Management
Author(s): Manu Rathee , Mohaneesh Bhoria
Comparison of Reading Speed Using Malay Unrelated Word Reading Chart with Standardized English Reading Charts
Author(s): Noor Halilah Buari , Mardiah Farhana Azizan , Ai-Hong Chen
Correlation between Her2/Neu and Histopatholoical Finding among Sudanese Female Breast Cancer Patients
Author(s): Riyadh Hamed , Ahmed Abdelbadie , Ihsan Osman , El khazin Eltayeb , Husam Eldein Omer
Radiographic Assessment of Alveolar Bone Crest Levels in 9-12 Year Old Children in Davangere, India
Author(s): Vandana KL , Saubhik Ghosh
Gene Therapy in the Developing Countries
Author(s): Emengaha, Festus Chidi , Nnodim Johnkennedy , Okorie Hope , Amah Henry , Edward Ukamaka
The Social Context of Street Culture in Substance Use; a Literature Review of Homeless Youth Perspectives
Author(s): Cate Wilson , Joanne Bradbury
Patient Satisfaction with the Supportive Services in Gulhane Military Medical Faculty Training Hospital
Author(s): Mevlut Karadag , Ibrahim Halil Cankul , Huseyin Abuhanoglu
FNAC of Normal Size Paediatric Lymph Nodes: Is It Justified?
Author(s): Gaurav Jain , Deepti Kalita , Leela Pant , Sompal Singh
Malaysian Translation and Psychometric Evaluation for Parent and Child Questionnaires of Children Health Survey for Asthma
Author(s): Maryam SE Hussein , Waqas Akram , Nor Azizah Abu , Nahlah Elkudssiah binti Ismail
About the Pathogenesis of Myasthenia Gravis Associated With Thymic Enlargement
Author(s): Mona Mlika , Wided Ajouli , Adel Marghli , Faouzi Mezni
The Correlation between Educational Level and Incidence of Syphilis among Female Sex Workers within 7 Cities in Indonesia in 2007
Author(s): Roselinda Rusli , Nelly Puspandari , Vivi Setiawaty
The Role of Health and Medical Professions in Indonesia
Author(s): Adi Heru Sutomo
Free Maternal and Child Health Services in Enugu State, South East Nigeria: Experiences of the Community and Health Care Providers
Author(s): Uzochukwu Benjamin , Okwuosa Chinenye , Ezeoke Ogochukwu , Onwujekwe Obinna
Correlation between Certain Complications and Health Education Program among Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Miletus Patients
Author(s): Hammad Fadl Almola , Riyadh Hamed
Impact of Plant Oils as Antifungal Activity Against Fungal Pathogens of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon)
Author(s): Aisha Mohammed Homod Alrajhi
Gendered Perspectives of Men’s Health and Help Seeking: Implications for Public Health and Health Promotion
Author(s): Marita Hennessy , Patricia Mannix-McNamara
Antibody Titers Following Hepatitis B Vaccination in Health Care Workers in Khartoum State, Sudan
Author(s): Eltayib Hassan Ahmed-Abakur , Amal Obaid , Mohamed Ahmed Abrahim-Holi
Food Safety Knowledge, Attitude and Associated Factors of Food Handlers Working in Substandard Food Establishments in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2013/14
Author(s): Zemichael Gizaw , Mulat Gebrehiwot , Zinabu Teka
Old Theories Revisited on Cancer Assistant Therapy
Author(s): Da-Yong Lu , Ting-Ren Lu , Jin-Yu Che , Hong-Ying Wu
Access to HIV Prevention Services for Injecting Drug Users in Hai Phong, Vietnam: Qualitative Results
Author(s): Tanvir Ahmed , Donald Edwin Stewart
Prevalence and Factors Associated With Refractive Error among Primary School Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Author(s): Nebiyat kassa , Alemayehu Woldeyes , Chalachew Misganaw
The Level and Associated Factors Of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Blood Donation among Health Science Students of Addis Ababa University
Author(s): Chalachew Misganaw , Meaza Tenkir , Andualem Deresea , Megdelawit Tesfaye , Tesfalem Teshome Tessema , Hawult Taye
Genetic Evaluation and Activity of Antifungal against Clinical Isolates Candida Albicans Biofilms
Author(s): Jaqueline Derissi Braz , Nayla De Souza Pitangui , Caetano Toshiro Yamashita , Ana Marisa Fusco-Almeida , Maria José Soares Mendes-Giannini , Janaina De Cássia Orlandi Sardi
Impact of Ramadan Fasting on Some Biochemical Aspects in Healthy Subjects
Author(s): Haleema Al Nahari , Hamed Kouja
Cause, Magnitude and Contributing Factors for Maternal Death in Selected Hospitals in Snnpr between 2007/2008 and 2009/2010
Author(s): Yemisrach Shiferaw Deneke , Mesganaw Fantahun Afework , Tesfalem Teshome Tessema , Chalachew Misganaw , Hawult Taye
Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics of Egyptian Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Single Center Study
Author(s): Mohamed El-Assal , Suzan A Al Hassanin , Ahmed M.Hussein
A Sample Survey on Reproductive Women to Assess Level of Stress in Sub-Urban Population, South Chennai, India
Author(s): P.J. Parameaswari , R. Ravanan , P.M. Udayshankar , B. Kamini , Syed Iqbal Sultan
How Do Patients Evaluate the New Health Care System in General Practice? Results from the European Project on Patient Evaluation of General Practice Care (Europep) in Adana, Turkey
Author(s): Ersin Akpinar , Fatih Mutlupoyraz , Esra Saatci , Nafiz Bozdemir
The Role of Demography in Moderation the Influence of Nonverbal Communication to Patient’s Satisfaction
Author(s): Indrianty Sudirman , Syahrir A. Pasinringi , Indahwaty Sidin
Clinical Presentation of Infertility in Mkar-Gboko, North-Central Nigeria
Author(s): Jonathan Abina Karshima , Victor Chuwang Pam , Iornum Hembe Shambe , Charles Ujunwa Anyaka , Michael Ira Reich
Strategies for Addressing Poor Statistical Literacy among Health Scientists and Science Communicators
Author(s): Raywat Deonandan
Ontology with SVM Based Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Statistical Analysis
Author(s): Murugavell Pandiyan , Osama El-Hassan , Amar Hassan Khamis , Pallikonda Rajasekaran
Common Health Concerns in African Immigrants in the Us- Implications for the Family Physician
Author(s): Jerome C. Okudo , Michael W. Ross
Model for Absorption of Perfluoropropane Intraocular Gas after Retinal Surgeries
Author(s): A. Terry Bahill
Current Issue: Smoking Cessation, The Patient, The Physician and The Policy Makers
Author(s): Tokunbo Ajayi , Jerome C Okudo
Unsteady Plane Couette Flow of an Incompressible Couple Stress Fluid with Slip Boundary Conditions
Author(s): Hikmat S. Saad , E. A. Ashmawy
Serum Lipid Profile and Leptin Levels in Asthmatic Libyan Children
Profile of Physiotherapist Educators in Anglophone West African Countries: A Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s): Joseph Balogun , Chidozie Mbada , Adetutu Balogun , Ajediran Bello , Udoka Okafor
A Rare Histological Entity- Oral Fibrolipoma
Author(s): Priyanka Debta , F.M. Debta , Ruchi Bhuyan , Saswati Siddhartha , Prashant Kumar Goyal , Sandeep Mohanty
The Superinfection of Dermoid Cysts in Nigeria
Author(s): Wilson Onuigbo , Timothy Nwabunike , Joseph Ojukwu
Empirical and Practical Implementation Methodology for Clinical Integration of E-Health Iot Technology
Author(s): Abel Garai
The Right to Dignity and Consensus in the Psychiatric Health Treatment
Author(s): Milena Marinic
Profile of Patients Visiting a Tertiary Eye Hospital and their Perception Regarding Barrier for Eye Care Services in the Western Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Moustafa Magliyah , Ali Alsaedi , Nawwaf Alqahtani , Mohammed Almalki , Adel Alharthi , Weam Qutub , Rajiv Khandekar
Exploring Social Opportunities for and Constraints to Primary Healthcare Seeking behavior in Urban Bangladesh: A Study on Rajshahi City
Author(s): Bijoy Krishna Banik
Assessment of the Quality of Antenatal Care Rendered at a Northern Nigeria Primary Health Care Center, Zaria, Nigeria
Author(s): Madugu NH , Abdul M A , Sabitu k , Mandara M , Bawa U
Hypersensitivity to Natural Rubber Latex Gloves among Albanian Dental Students: The Role of Exposure Duration
Author(s): Alketa Bakiri , Dhimiter Kraja , Skender Skenderaj , Doris Mingomataj , Elizana Petrela , Cerciz j Mingomata , Ariol Rama , Ervin C. Mingomataj
Staff Nurses and Physicians Attitudes toward the Use of Electronic Patient Record
Author(s): Amal Diab Atalla , Mary Kelada Harmina , Naglaa El Seesy
Depression in Business: Herbal or Modern Medicine
Author(s): Lokanathan M.S. Manikam
The Value of Nuclear Medicine Versus Ultrasonography in Diagnosing Renal Disease
Author(s): Salman A. Mohammed , Omar M Alamoudi , Saeed M Bafaraj