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A Sample Survey on Reproductive Women to Assess Level of Stress in Sub-Urban Population, South Chennai, India

P.J. Parameaswari


R. Ravanan


P.M. Udayshankar


B. Kamini


Syed Iqbal Sultan

P.J. Parameaswari 1

R. Ravanan 2
P.M. Udayshankar 3
B. Kamini 4
Syed Iqbal Sultan 5

  1. Chief Biostatistician, Crea Conceptions Counselling and Training Center, Center for Assisted Reproduction, T Nagar, Chennai, India 1

  2. Associate Professsor & Head, Department of Statistics, Presidency College, Chennai, India 2

  3. Professor & Head, Department of Community Medicine, Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, Bharath University, Chennai, India 3

  4. Asst.Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital & Research institute, Chennai, India 4

  5. Tutor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Bharath University, Chennai, India 5

Pages: 187-196

DOI: 10.18488/journal.9/2015.2.12/

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The Community based Sample Survey aimed at assessing the Prevalence of Stress experienced by the 1050 women of reproductive age(18-45) years. This study was conducted over a period of two years as Cross-Sectional in Sub-Urban South Chennai. The variables on demography and Stress were collected by Personal Interview method in a pre-structured standardized questionnaire after a pilot study. The main findings showed 856 (81.5%) women had experienced Stress, where 54 (5.1%) had Severe Stress. Women with Abdominal Obesity ≥0.85 [χ2= 11.9(P=0.001)] and from the Nuclear family [χ2= 16.9(P=0.000)] had a significant association with the Stress Outcome. There existed an insignificant difference in the mean Stress scores between the women age less than or above 30 years. The homemakers were equally experiencing stress with their counterpart women who were bound to work outside home. Family History of Couple misunderstanding, Ill Health of family member and Major Mortgage also showed significant difference in their mean stress levels by Student-t-test. The maximum mean difference in stress scores was identified by multiple comparison Post-Hoc Pairwise LSD test between the women who completed 10 and 15years of education (P=0.000). We conclude that the ‘Women with Stress and at Risk of developing further Illness’ should be identified at the earlier age for health assistance for a better life.

Contribution/ Originality


Stress, Household survey, Sampling, Holmes & Rahe stress scale, Abdominal obesity, Post Hoc test.



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