Quarterly Journal of Econometrics Research

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2411-0523
Print ISSN: 2518-2536
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The Effect of Selected Financial Ratios on Profitability: An Empirical Analysis of Listed Firms of Cement Sector in Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Muhammad Nauman Khan , Imran Khokhar
An Empirical Test on Effect of Intra-Product Trade on Regional Income Distribution: The Case of Liaoning, China
Author(s): Cui Yanjuan , Yu Jin
Role of Foreign Investment and External Debt in Determination of Exchange Rate
Author(s): Abdul Basit , Ishaque Ahmed Ansari
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Alternative Insect Pests Management in Cashew and Mango Orchards in Tanzania
Author(s): J.G. William , J. Hella , E. Lars , J. Offenberg , M. Mwatawala , G. Rwegasira
Acquisition of Personal Assets Through Loan Bank and Commercial Credit: What’s the Best Option?
Author(s): Garcia-Santillan, Arturo , Ortigosa-Ortiz, Alexa Andrea , Hernandez-Perez, Sandra Luz , Mora-Montalvo, Noelia , Ramos-Hernandez, Jesica Josefina
Examining Long Run Relationship between Household Debt and Household Savings in South Africa – An Error Correction Model and Granger Causality
Author(s): R Ncwadi , Kholiswa Malindini
Dynamics of Inflation, Economic Growth, Money Supply and Exchange Rate in India: Evidence from Multivariate Analysis
Author(s): Jaganath Behera
Public Sector Size and GDP Growth Nexus: Panel Data Estimation
Author(s): Naftaly Gisore Mose
The Effects of Exchange Rate Variability on Trade Flows in Nigeria: A Cointegration Analysis
Author(s): Sebastian O. Uremadu , Okwuchukwu Odili , Florence, O. Ariwa