Journal of Nutrients

Published by: Asian Medical Journals
Online ISSN: 2410-6542
Print ISSN: 2413-8428
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Nutritive Value of Some Agro–Industrial By–Products as Supplement to Guinea Grass (Panicum Maximum) By Sokoto Gudali Calf
Author(s): Funmilayo O. Bamigboye , A. J. Igbekoyi , O. J. Babayemi
Update on Nutritional Aspects of Gluten-Free Diet in Celiac Patients
Author(s): Maria de Lourdes Moreno , Isabel Comino , Carolina Sousa
Vitamin D Supplementation Practices in Pregnancy and During Infancy and Other Behaviors Related To Vitamin D Status among a Sample of Muslim Women in Ireland and Saudi Arabia
Author(s): John M Kearney , Imann Khadrawi , Rania Harastani , Mairead Stack
Dietary Polyamines and Diseases: Reducing Polyamine Intake Can Be Beneficial In Cancer Treatment
Author(s): Nihal Buyukuslu
The Effect of Regular Hazelnut Consumption on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Acceptance in Māori and European
Author(s): Siew Ling Tey , Terryn Robinson , Heniti Davis , Andrew R Gray , Alexandra W Chisholm , Rachel C Brown
Stevia Derivative and its Potential Uses in Diabetic-Directed Foods. Review
Author(s): Elevina Perez , Cesar Gonzalez , Fabrice Vaillant , Mary Lares
Contribution of Meat towards Nutritional Security - An Analysis through Consumption of Different Food Items among Meat and Non-Meat Consumers in Karnataka
Author(s): T. Senthilkumar , M. Thirunavukkarasu , V. Muralidhar
Development and Quality Evaluation of Complementary Food Formulated from Sorghum, Soybean and Sesame Flour Blends
Author(s): Emmanuel, Omale B.B.