Journal of Brain Sciences

Published by: Asian Medical Journals
Online ISSN: 2410-8774
Print ISSN: 2412-3463
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Most Cited Articles

7 Interventions for Reducing Coercion in Mental Health for Adults: A Systematic Review and the Impact of Updating
Author(s): Kristin Thuve Dahm , Jan Odgaard-Jensen , Tonje Lossius Husum , Kari Ann Leiknes
3 Evidence of A Pharmacological Dissociation Between The Robust Effects of Methylphenidate on Adhd Symptoms and Weaker Effects on Working Memory
Author(s): Joseph Biederman , James Chan , Thomas J. Spencer , K. Yvonne Woodworth , Tara Kenworthy , Ronna Fried , Pradeep Bhide , Stephen V. Faraone