International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Research

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2306-6253
Print ISSN: 2312-5764
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Most Cited Articles

Solvent Extraction of Oil from Soursop Oilseeds & its Quality Characterization
Author(s): Adepoju T. F. , Olawale O. , Okunola A. A , Olatunji E. M.
Supercapacitors Based on Activated Carbon and Polymer Electrolyte
Author(s): M. A. Hashim , Lawal Saadu , Karsono A. Dasuki
Soil Thermal Properties and the Effects of Groundwater on Closed Loops
Author(s): Abdeen Omer , Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Development of Solar Energy in Sabah Malaysia: The Case of Trudgill’s Perception
Author(s): Jamalludin Sulaiman , Azlinda Azman , Behnaz Saboori
Subsidies and the Demand for Petroleum Products in Nigeria
Author(s): Brahim Idelhakkar , Eleanya K. Nduka , Jude O. Chukwu
Phytoremediation Model System for Aquaculture Wastewater Using Glossostigma Elatinoides and Hemianthus Callitrichoides
Author(s): Rashidi Othman , Farah Ayuni Mohd Hatta , Razanah Ramya , Nurul Azlen Hanifah
Aquatic Plants as Ecological Indicator for Urban Lakes Eutrophication Status and Indices
Author(s): Rashidi Othman , Nurul Azlen Bt Hanifah , Razanah Ramya , Farah Ayuni Bt Mohd Hatta , Wan Syibrah Hanisah Bt Wan Sulaiman , Maheran Bt Yaman , Zainul Mukrim Bin Baharuddin
Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Causality Analysis
Author(s): Rasheed Oyaromade , Adagunodo Mathew , Bamidele P. Abalaba