Current Advances in Cosmetic Sciences

Published by: Conscientia Beam
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  1. The objective of the journal is to provide an innovative forum for fundamental and applied research on skin, cosmetic product formulations and ingredient research, clinical and experimental research including cosmetic surgery, light sources and technical devices for dermatological treatment.
  2. It is an interdisciplinary journal covering all the areas materials and ingredient research related to cosmetics,  therapeutic options for skin, hair and body care, product formulations and ingredients, cosmetic olfactory research developments, technologies in cosmetic product development, testing of skin and hair products, toxicological studies of cosmetic products, in vivo testing of cosmetic products, in vitro testing of cosmetic products, pure and applied research involved in skin, hair and body cosmetics, analytical chemistry of essential components involved in cosmetic product formulations, biomedicine research on biologically active components, regulatory and ethical issues in cosmetic research, dermatology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, immunology and biochemistry of the skin, facial rejuvenation, laser therapy, cosmetic surgery and related medicine techniques.
We would like to invite you to contribute papers for consideration and publication in the Current Advances in Cosmetic Sciences(CACS).  It is published on bi-annually (June and December). All submitted articles should be original and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the formatting style of the journal. IRC reviews papers within approximately ONE month of submission and publishes accepted articles in the relevant forthcoming issues upon receiving the final versions.

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