International Journal of Veterinary Sciences Research

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2410-9444
Print ISSN: 2413-8444
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Most Cited Articles

Fetal Maceration in Crossbred Holstein Frisian Heifer-A Case Report
Author(s): H. K. Bhattacharyya , S. A. Dar , M. R. Fazili
Pelvic Floor Fractures in 55 Dogs and 39 Cats: CT and X- Ray Findings
Author(s): M.A. Sadan , K. Amort , M. Kramer
Description of Immature Stages of the Brown Dog Tick Rhipicephalus Sanguineus (Acari: Ixodidae) Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Author(s): Sobhy Abdel-Shafy , Amira H. El Namaky , Hala A. Abou Zeina , Alaa A. Ghazy
Blood Picture and Selected Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Dromedary Camels Naturally Infected With Trypanosoma Evansi
Author(s): I.M. Eljalii , W.M. EL-Deeb , T.A. Fouda , A.M. Almujalli , S.M. El-Bahr
Examination of Oribatid Mites for Cysticercoids of Moniezia Sp
Author(s): Reena K. K. , Jobin Thomas , Nirmal Chacko , Lucy Sabu , K. Devada
Cholesterol Content of Bull Spermatozoa Alters Survival at Ultra-Low Temperatures
Author(s): N. Srivastava , S.K. Srivastava , S.K. Ghosh , Amit Kumar , Megha Pande , P. Perumal , Y.K. Soni