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Online ISSN: 2520-7652
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Predict Survival of Patients with Lung Cancer Using an Ensemble Feature Selection Algorithm and Classification Methods in Data Mining
Author(s): Mahdis Dezfuly , Hedieh Sajedi
Information about Simulation Software for Testing of Wireless Network
Author(s): Kalpana Chaudhari , P.T. Karule
RLS Fixed-Lag Smoother Using Covariance Information Based on Innovation Approach in Linear Continuous Stochastic Systems
Author(s): Seiichi Nakamori
Real-Time Workload Scheduling (RTWS) Algorithm for Cloud
Author(s): Sabout Nagaraju , Latha Parthiban
Security Issues with Contactless Bank Cards
Author(s): Brendan McBride , Nigel McKelvey , Kevin Curran
Big Data in Homeland Security
Author(s): Lidong Wang , Cheryl Ann Alexander
Development Problems of Information Provision on the Management of High Technology Park
Author(s): Alovsat Garaja Aliyev , Roza Ordukhan Shahverdiyeva