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Emergent Behavior of “Rational” Agents in Some Forgotten N-Person Games
Author(s): Miklos N Szilagyi
Agent-Based Simulation of Contribution Games
Author(s): Miklos N. Szilagyi
Dynamic Analysis of Competitive Technology Innovation Diffusion Model
Author(s): Ming-Chang Lee
The Mediating Effect of Market Orientation on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation Dimensions and Organizational Performance: A Study on Banks in Libya
Author(s): Gaboul Ahmed Faiz , Fais Bin Ahmed , Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi
A Negative Rational Pigs Game and its Applications to Website Management
Author(s): Dianyu Jiang , Yabin Shao , Xiaoyang Zhu
Corporate Funding and Sustainability of Non- Governmental Organizations in Africa
Author(s): Danjuma Abdullahi , Yahaya T.K. Baba
A Brief Survey of the House Allocation Problems
Author(s): Ipek Gursel Tapki , Elif Akben Selcuk
Gamification on Sales Force Performance in Nigeria Bottling Company
Author(s): Yusuff, S. A. , Oladimeji, M. S. , Ahmodu, O. L. , Adeniyi, A. B.