International Journal of Geography and Geology

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2305-7041
Print ISSN: 2306-9872
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Microbiostratigraphy and Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Permian Dalan Formation in Kuh-E-Surmeh (Zagros Basin, Southwest Iran)
Author(s): Pedram Rafiee , Dariush Baghbani , Ali Aghanabati , Mehran Arian
The Roles of Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) On the Practices of Soil and Water Conservation in the Case of Sekela District, Amhara State, Ethiopia
Author(s): Abineh Tilahun , Bogale Teferie
Expanded of Informal Jobs in Iranian Border Cities, Case: Zabol-Iran
Author(s): Khodarahm Bazzi
Wind To Select the Recreation Flying Site
Author(s): Nooshin Ghasemi Falavarjani
An Estimate of the Tensile Strength Based On P-Wave Velocity and Schmidt Hardness Rebound Number
Author(s): Mehdi Hosseini , Danial Shirin
Investigating the Density Ratios of Geological Structure through Fractal Geometry Case Stady: (Dehno Region in Farss of Iran)
Author(s): Shadi Asoodeh , Asghar Teymoorian Motlagh
Laterite Sampling Preparation for Gold Exploration Survey at Western Burkina Faso, Northern Extension of the Lawra Belt
Author(s): Emmanuel Arhin , Musah S. Zango , Rene K. Ruerrger
Application of Geospatial Analysis and Augmented Reality Visualization in Indoor Advertising
Author(s): Bahman Jamali , Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki , Reza Arasteh
Active Tectonics of Hamedan Area, West Iran
Author(s): Atefeh Chegini , Ali Sorbi , Mehran Arian
Calcareous Nannofossils Events of Nephrolithus Frequens Zone to Markalius Inversus Zone in Section of Kazerun, Zagros (Iran)
Author(s): Saeedeh Senemari
Determining the Optimal Density of Neka Using Fractal Method and the Study of Its Geological Situation
Author(s): Azadeh Hamzei , Asghar Teymoorian
Characterization of Sedimentary Anzali Sand for Static and Seismic Studies Purposes
Author(s): Hadi Ahmadi , Abolfazl Eslami , Mahyar Arabani
Chemical Composition and Facieses of Water from Vaskareh Village, Damavand: Implication for Industrial, Agricultural and Human Consumptions
Author(s): Leila Fazli , Saeedeh Senemari
Geomorphology of the Piramagroon–Kanikhan Valley, Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region, North Iraq
Author(s): Kamal Haji Karim Ahmad , Azhar Bety , Polla Azad Khanaqa
Characterization of Sand Dunes to Detect the Sand Source and their Stabilization, Abardej, Iran
Author(s): Pezhman Roudgarmi , Ebrahim Farahani
Predicting Changes in the Land Use in Midsize Cities (Case Study: Urmia City of Iran in 2025)
Author(s): Mostafa Basiri , Mina Farokhi Someh
The Relationship Between P-Wave Velocity and Slake Durability Index
Author(s): Mehdi Hosseini
The Effect of Ergonomics on Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study
Author(s): Mohammad Safari
Comparison of the Gravimetric Network in Esfarayen Region with the Network of Fractal Analysis
Author(s): Alireza Mohsenlo , Asghar Teymoorian , Mohammad Maanijou
Improving the Geological Understanding of the Niger Delta Basin of Nigeria Using Airborne Gravity Data
Author(s): Eke, P. O , Okeke, F.N , Ezema, P.O
Geographical Distribution of Egyptian Lot-Chosen and Civil Associations’ Pilgrims - Chronic Diseases and their Demographic Characteristics
Author(s): Yasser Abdelazim Abdelmawgoud Samak
An Analysis of Effective Factors on Spatial Distribution of Poverty in Rural Regions of Hamedan Province
Author(s): Mohammad-Reza Peirovedin , Masood Mahdavi , Yousef-ali Ziyari
Prioritization of Museums in Terms of Performance in Attracting Tourists (Case Study: Museum of North of Sistan and Baluchestan Province)
Author(s): Hossein Saleh Poodineh , Gholam Reza Miri , Masume Hafez Reza Zadeh
Residential Housing Quality Assessment Based on the Criteria of Sustainable Housing (Case Study: Residential Complex of 100 Units of Region 1 City of Zahedan)
Author(s): Farzaneh Saberi , Gholam Reza Miri , Masume Hafez Reza Zadeh
Runoff Prediction by Support Vector Machine for Chalous River Basin of Iran
Author(s): P. Mirzaee , R. Fazloula
Attritional Structures the Major Factor in Increasing Endangerment by Earthquakes in Cities
Author(s): Vali Abdollahi , Mohammad Hosseinzadeh
Geotechnical Behavior of Helical Piles Via Physical Modeling by Frustum Confining Vessel (FCV)
Author(s): Javad Khazaei , Abolfazl Eslami
Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of Shallow Foundation Resting on the Reinforced Sand with Embedded Pipes
Author(s): Alireza Hajiani Boushehrian , Amid Afzali
Microbiostratigraphy, Microfacies and Depositional Environment of the Sarvak Formation in Bi Bi Hakimeh Oil Field (Well No. 29), Southwest Iran
Author(s): M. Rikhtegarzadeh , S.H. Vaziri , M. Aleali , H. Amiri Bakhtiar , D. Jahani
Landfill Site Selection Using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method and Artificial Neural Network Method; A Case Study from Lorestan Province, Iran
Author(s): E. Mokhtari , M. Khamehchian , G. Montazer , M. Nikudel
Soil Erosion Hazard Mapping in Central Zab Basin Using Epm Model in GIS Environment
Author(s): Himan Shahabi , Mamand Salari , Baharin Bin Ahmad , Ayub Mohammadi
Strategic Management of Rural Tourism Towards Gender - Sensitive Planning
Author(s): Fazileh Dadvar-Khani , Mansour Ghanian
The Role of Stratigraphy in Growth Strata Studies: A Case Study from the Middle-Late Cretaceous Deposits in Persian Gulf, SW Iran
Author(s): Fereshteh Ghaseminia , Jahanbakhsh Daneshian , Bahman Soleimany , Massih Afghah
Assessment of Environmental Effect of Abandoned Uranium Mine Site in Mika Village of Taraba State Nigeria
Author(s): Oruonye, E. D. , Ahmed, M.Y.
Microfacies and Morphotectonic of the Tirgan Formation in Ghorogh Syncline (North of Chenaran)
Author(s): Hoda Yavarmanesh , Seyed Hamid Vaziri , Ali Asghar Aryaei , Davood Jahani , Mohsen Pourkermani
The Impact of Al-Yarmouk University on the Commercial Uses Types (Retail Activities) of Shafeeq Irshedat Street (University Street in Irbid City- Jordan)
Author(s): Atef Ali NUSAIR , Khlaif GHARAYBEH , Tasnim JARADAT , Esraa Al-ZUBI
The Influence of Climate Variability on Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, Yobe State, Nigeria
Author(s): Anthony Dami , Inuwa Kuchali B , H. K. Ayuba
The Impact of Human Activities on the Ndivana Forest Reserves, Kwaya Kusar Local Government Area, Borno State, Nigeria
Author(s): Anthony Dami , Balami Huali Daniel , Garba, S.S