International Journal of Geography and Geology

Published by: Conscientia Beam
Online ISSN: 2305-7041
Print ISSN: 2306-9872
Total Citations: 65


Journal Metrics

Sr. No. Country Authors
1 Iran 139
2 Nigeria 28
3 India 5
4 Iraq 5
5 UAE 5
6 Russia 4
7 Turkey 4
8 Côte d’Ivoire 4
9 Ethiopia 4
10 Jordan 4
11 Sierra Leone 3
12 Canada 3
13 Zimbabwe 2
14 Ghana 2
15 USA 1
16 Pakistan 1
17 Burkina Faso 1
18 Egypt 1
19 Kenya 1

Journal Metrics

Google-based Impact Factor (2017): 1.05
The impact factor (IF) or Journal impact factor (JIF) normally referred to is the proprietary journal impact factor from Thomson Reuters calculated based on the Web of Science (WOS) and published in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Currently, this journal hasnt been indexed in Thomson Reuters JCR. Therefore, its official JCRJIF is not yet available.

However, Google Scholar now provides an alternative Google-based impact factor. Google Scholar is the only openly available database suitable for journal metric calculation. It has a wide coverage and is a meaningful source. For this reason, Conscientia Beam is calculating its own Impact Factor by applying Thomson Reuters(TR) algorithm based on Google Scholars citation counts.

The 2017 Google-based impact factor of this journal would be calculated as follows:
IF2017=(Citations2016+Citations2017)/(Publications2016+Publications2017)=(14+26)/(24+14)= 1.05

The data was calculated based on Google Scholar Metrics