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International Journal of Geography and Geology

March 2018, Volume 7, 3, pp 45-55

Mössbauer Research of Surface-Surface Concentric-Zonal Color Effects in Zoloceramic Materials

Shokanov A.K.


Vereshchak M.F.


Kulbekov M.K.


Manakova I.A.


Hamraev Sh.Zh.


Smikhan Y.A.

Shokanov A.K. 1 ,

Vereshchak M.F. 1 Kulbekov M.K. 1 Manakova I.A. 1 Hamraev Sh.Zh. 1 Smikhan Y.A. 1 
  1. Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Institute of Nuclear Physics of Kazakhstan 1

Pages: 45-55

DOI: 10.18488/journal.10.2018.73.45.55

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Article History:

Received: 20 March, 2018
Revised: 10 May, 2018
Accepted: 14 May, 2018
Published: 17 May, 2018


The paper describes the results of a study of volume-surface concentric zonal color effects in gyro ceramic materials. The dependence of zonal flowers on the phase composition is established by the Mossbauer effects method.
Contribution/ Originality
The work is devoted to Mossbauer studies of wastes from coal-fired power plants. These products, according to their physical and mechanical properties are 1.5 to 4 times superior to traditional materials from clays. The paper's primary contribution is finding that Mossbauer research of surface-surface concentric-zonal color effects in zoloceramic materials.


Mossbauer, Spectrum, Zoloceramic, Materials, Hyperfine, Structure.


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This research article is funded by grant of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Competing Interests:

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


All authors contributed equally to the conception and design of the study.

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