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International Journal of Geography and Geology

February 2017, Volume 6, 2, pp 32-39

Gaseous Air Quality Indicators along Traffic Routes in Greater Freetown, Sierra Leone

Eldred Tunde Taylor


Alie Dukuray Jalloh


Haddijatou Jallow

Eldred Tunde Taylor 1

Alie Dukuray Jalloh 2 Haddijatou Jallow 2 

  1. Institute of Environmental Management and Quality Control, School of Environmental Sciences, Njala University, Main Campus, Njala, Moyamba District, Sierra Leone 1

  2. Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone, Old Railway Line, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone 2

Pages: 32-39

DOI: 10.18488/journal.10/2017.6.2/

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Article History:

Received: 22 August, 2016
Revised: 21 November, 2016
Accepted: 28 November, 2016
Published: 03 December, 2016


Urban air pollution is increasingly getting attention in developing countries in recent years. It was against this backdrop that this piece of work examined three indices of air pollution along a single carriage road (Kissy Road) and dual carriage road (Wilkinson Road) on either direction. Brief monitoring spell of nitrogen dioxide (NO2); sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) were made between August 2015 and September 2015 using the Drager X am 5000 realtime monitor for the different gases. Diurnal monitoring was made in the morning, afternoon and evening periods representing peak and off peak periods. Results indicated higher levels of pollution at Kissy Road relative to Wilkinson Road. Considerable variation were also observed among the pollutants for the two sites and the hourly average values revealed levels that are within ambient air quality standards except for SO2. Field observations revealed poorly maintained vehicles, human behavioral pattern, frequent traffic jams were attributed to the observed values.
Contribution/ Originality


Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Traffic, Pollution.


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This work was fully supported and financed by the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) as part of their periodic research into the environment.

Competing Interests:

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Special thanks again extended to the field assistants; Mr. Joe Milton Beah, student at the Institute of Environmental Management and Quality Control; Mr. James During who also provided security support during the monitoring exercise. 

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