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International Journal of Geography and Geology

February 2014, Volume 3, 2, pp 30-44

Tectomagmatic Origin of the Zahedan Batholiths – South East Iran (Reling on Intergrated Outcrop Study of the Petrology of High Mass in Loochan, Southwest Zahedan)

Behrooz Sahebzadeh

Behrooz Sahebzadeh 1

  1. Department of Geosciences, Farhangian University, Shahhid Motahhari Campus, Zahedan, Iran 1

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Zahedan batholiths, the largest intrusive igneous mass in Sistan Suture zone, in Southeast of Iran during the Eocene - Oligocene is formed in this zone. The mass of igneous outcrops in a narrow mass with scattered outcrops Larger populations with continuous advice, The Afghan Block of East and West Blocks of Lout outcrop at the surface, Granitoid batholiths magma intrusion in the petrographical Zahedan region specific and that the mass of Tectomagmatic origin of calc-alkaline and per aluminous igneous intrusion that is Melting of continental sedimentary rocks in the shallow crust Lateral movement of the compression zone includes the land area is under construction .

Contribution/ Originality


Southeast of Iran, Sistan Suture zone, Zahedan igneous intrusions, Loochan batholiths, Tectomagmatic origin, Melting of the continental crust, Petrological diagrams


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