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International Journal of Geography and Geology

July 2013, Volume 2, 7, pp 80-85

Optimal Density Determination of Bouguer Anomaly Using Fractal Analysis (Case of Study: Charak Area, Iran)

Hamid Reza Samadi

Hamid Reza Samadi 1

  1. Member of Young Researchers Club Ardestan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ardestan, Iran 1

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In exploration geophysics the main and initial aim is to determine density of under-research goals which have certain density difference with the host rock. Therefore, we state a method in this paper to determine the density of bouguer plate, the so-called variogram method based on fractal geometry. This method is based on minimizing surface roughness of bouguer anomaly. The fractal dimension of surface has been used as surface roughness of bouguer anomaly. Using this method, the optimal density of Charak area insouth of Hormozgan province can be determined which is 2/7 g/cm^3for the under-research area. This determined density has been used to correct and investigate its results about the isostasy of the studied area and results well-coincided with the geology of the area and dug exploratory holes in the text area.

Contribution/ Originality


Fractal dimension, Topography, Bouguer anomaly, Optimal density, Hormozgan


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