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International Journal of Geography and Geology

February 2013, Volume 2, 2, pp 14-23

A Study of Stream Sediments from Soltan Meydan Basaltic Formation Area, Northern Iran

Mehdi Hashemi Gahruei


Majid Gholami


Teimoor Nazari Dehkordi

Mehdi Hashemi Gahruei 1 Majid Gholami 1 Teimoor Nazari Dehkordi 3

  1. Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran 1

  2. Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran 3

Pages: 14-23

DOI: 10.18488/journal.10/2013.2.2/

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Stream sediments of the Eastern Alborz Mountain located at Northern Iran, were studied at Silurian-formed Soltan Meydan Basaltic Formation area. The area which is mainly consisted of basalt, andesite and tuff represents a structurally active zone, with Mountain Front Sinuosity index (Smf) of 1.2, caused development of numerous faults, prominently with NE-SW trend. Assessment of potential for metallic mineral deposits in the area was carried out using stream sediment sampling and remote sensing. Total metal concentration in the AAS-analyzed sediments varies in the range of Cu: 33-106.54 ppm, Pb: 14.46-189.04 ppm, Zn: 40.88-376 ppm, Ni: 15.14-73.24 ppm, Co: 8.2-88.64 ppm, Mn: 321.6-1326.4 ppm, and Fe: 2.28-5.39 wt%. Statistical processing of geochemical data shows two concentrated areas as geochemical anomalies. These areas are matched with those which are presented by Photo-lineament Factor (PF) indicating high density of regional structures and tectonic features. Taking high-concentrated-fractured areas into account, it is suggested that there is a close relationship between structural features and the possibility of mineralization which explains that the stream sediments could have been enriched by streams flowing through well-developed drainage system. 

Contribution/ Originality


Stream sediments, Photo-lineament Factor (PF), geochemical anomaly, Soltan Meydan Basaltic Formation, Iran


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