Handbook on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research

ISBN: 978-969-9952-07-4
Architecture Design Studios, between Implied Ideas and Process Generated Outcomes
Kesseiba Karim
Pages: 1-12 Download PDF
Fundamentals: Expressing Modern Architecture at Biennale Venice 2014
Kesseiba Karim
Pages: 13-21 Download PDF
Antecedents of Customer e-Loyalty with the Effect of Trustworthiness in Malaysia Context
Poh-Ming Wong Winnie ---   May-Chiun Lo ---   T. Ramayah
Pages: 22-30 Download PDF
Improved Performance in Aluminium Oxide Tool Inserts Via Post Sintering Using Hybrid Microwave Energy
Tasnim Firdaus Ariff --- Muhammad Firdaus Azmi --- Mohd Norhafiz Ismail --- Mohammad Iqbal --- Irfan Hilmy
Pages: 31-36 Download PDF
Kinetic of the Thermal Conversion Processes of Tropical Biomasses
Villegas Aguilar P. J. ---  Camerucci M. A. ---  Quintana Puchol R.
Pages: 37-43 Download PDF
Incorporation of Human Personality Types (Based on MBTI) in Web User Interface Designs Using Genetic Algorithm
Kasthuri Subaramaniam --- Atbin Yeganeh
Pages: 44-52 Download PDF
Cost Analysis of Using Hybrid Microwave Post-Sintered Aluminium Oxide Inserts
Tasnim Firdaus Ariff --- Muhammad Firdaus Azmi --- Mohamad Iqbal
Pages: 53-58 Download PDF
Design Improvements in the Inner Shell of a Motorbike Helmet Using Coconut Fiber Composite
Tasnim Firdaus Ariff --- Muhammad Ezurin Jalil --- Rubina Bahar
Pages: 59-65 Download PDF
Corporate Capital Structure and Performance of Listed Construction Companies in Malaysia from 2005 - 2009
Reza Ramezanalivaloujerdi --- Devinaga Rasiah --- Kogilah Narayanasamy
Pages: 66-75 Download PDF
Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Developing Countries: Hands on Training on Horticultural Produce
NagaLaxmi M Raman
Pages: 76-80 Download PDF
Effect of Administrator’s Role in Training Programs on Training Motivation: Investigating the Perception of Malaysia’s Largest Banking Group Employees
Azman Ismail --- Siti Ngayesah Bt. Ab. Hamid --- Nor Anis Nadira Ahmad
Pages: 81-87 Download PDF
Materials for the Earth Air Pipe Heat Exchanger (Eaphe) System as a Passive Cooling Technology for Hot-Humid Climate
Noor Aziah Mohd. Ariffin --- Aliyah Nur Zafirah Sanusi --- Aminuddin Mohd Noor
Pages: 88-98 Download PDF
Employee Performance and Non-Financial Incentives: A Qualitative Study on SEGi University Employees
Tek Leong Lim --- Wei Ying Chong
Pages: 99-103 Download PDF