Handbook on Business Strategy and Social Sciences

ISBN: 978-969-9952-00-5
The Vulnerability Perception of Urban Elder in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Nopparat Rattanaprathum --- Dusadee Ayuwat --- Chanaphol Sriruecha
Pages: 1-8 Download PDF
The Fee Setting for Thai Labourers Working Abroad
Dusadee Ayuwat --- Thanapauge Chamaratana
Pages: 9-15 Download PDF
The Social Control of the Folk Healers in Northeastern Thailand: A Case Study of the Morlum Pee Fa Group
Kriang Krai Pasuta --- Somsak Srisontisuk --- Viyouth Chamruspanth 
Pages: 16-24 Download PDF
Consumer Innovativeness and Shopping Style: A Study on Consumer Shopping Behavior in the Greater Jakarta Area
Pantri Heriyati --- Asmarakandi Ahmad Yusuf
Pages: 25-30 Download PDF
The Process of Community Health Policy Formulation in Community, Thailand
Chanaboon  Intharaphan --- Dusadee  Ayuwat --- Wongsa Laohasiriwong
Pages: 31-38 Download PDF
The Impact of Rice Production, Consumption and Importation in Nigeria: The Political Economy Perspectives
Terwase Isaac Terungwa --- Madu Abdulrazak Yuguda
Pages: 39-45 Download PDF
Good Governance, Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges
Okinono Otega ---  Muhammed Muneer’deen Olodo AlShafi’i
Pages: 46-55 Download PDF
Prospective Entrepreneurial Competencies to Ensure Subjective Wellbeing of the Entrepreneurs at the Base of Pyramid
Syed Abidur Rahman --- Azlan Amran --- Noor Hazlina Ahmad --- Seyedeh Khadijeh Taghizadeh
Pages: 56-64 Download PDF
Leading an Entrepreneurial University: Do We Have the Right Ecosystem?
Noor Hazlina Ahmad --- Hasliza Abdul Halim --- T. Ramayah --- Syed Abidur Rahman

Pages: 65-73 Download PDF
Innovation Value Chain as Antecedent of Service Innovation Management Practices: Experience from Malaysian Telecommunication Sector
Seyedeh Khadijeh Taghizadeh --- K. Jayaraman --- Ishak Ismail --- Noor Hazlina Ahmad --- Syed Abidur Rahman
Pages: 74-81 Download PDF
Modeling of the Socio-Economic Sustainability and Dynamics of European Regions on the Bases of Systems Complexity
Agne Beleisyte --- Renaldas Gudauskas --- Valentinas Snitka
Pages: 82-88 Download PDF
Turkey & Joining to the European Union (EU)
Riyad Mofleh AL-Khlaifat
Pages: 89-92 Download PDF
Firm-Specific Characteristics and Technical Efficiency of Electronics Manufacturing Firms in China
Mei Foong Wong --- Hui Boon Tan --- Yoong Hon Lee
Pages: 93-101 Download PDF
The Innovative of Anxiety Disorder Healing: Nutri Moringa Pudding for HIV/AIDS-Infected Patients
Ingga Yonico Martatino --- Rizki Habibie --– Putranto Widodo --- Dyan Indah Perwitasari 
Pages: 102-107 Download PDF
The Extent of Jordanian Banks’ Commitment In Applying The Principles Of Corporate Governance
Eman Al Hanini
Pages: 108-117 Download PDF
Coaching in Action Research
Norasmah Othman --- Swee Yee Chia
Pages: 118-122 Download PDF
Diagnosis of the Process of Building Relationships between Customer and Company and Company and Employee
Lukasz Skowron --- Marcin Gasior
Pages: 123-129 Download PDF
Electronic Marketing Home Stays Tourism in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand
Kornkanok  Phoksawat --- Nuchakorn  Khongyarit --- Piyapong Senanuch --- Pramooth Songjarernkul --- Thanatcha Suriyawong
Pages: 130-134 Download PDF
The Association Between Corporate Risk Disclosure and Firm Performance in Emerging Country – The Case of Egypt
Marwa Abdel Razek
Pages: 135-142 Download PDF
Growth & Inequality in Indonesia : Does Kuznets Curve Hold?
G.A. Diah Utari --- Retni Cristina S
Pages: 143-168 Download PDF
A Search Strategy to Investigate Factors that Affect Student Achievement in English Writing Courses in Distance Learning Context
Rahmat Budiman
Pages: 169-175 Download PDF
Analyzing Stimulus Factors of Purchase Intention towards Small Business of Sabana Fried Chicken viewed from Y and Z Generation Consumers in order to Sustain Other Small Business or Franchise
Astrid Wina Lestari --- Herry Hudrasyah MA.
Pages: 176-193 Download PDF
Effective Tax Administration and Institutionalization of Accounting Systems in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: Evidence from Nigeria
Ogoun Stanley
Pages: 194-202 Download PDF
Celebrity Endorsement, Brand Credibility and Brand Equity of Smartphones in Jakarta
Maureen Susanto --- Rini Setiowati
Pages: 203-216 Download PDF
Imagining Alternative Modernity: Negotiating Islamic-Ness and Malay-Ness on Popular TV Fiction
Mohd Muzhafar Idrus --- Ruzy Suliza Hashim --- Raihanah M. M.
Pages: 217-225 Download PDF
Information and Communication Technology Development and Its’ Impact on Business Strategy and Human Resource
Maslin Masrom  ---  Asma Moomal
Pages: 226-233 Download PDF
The Relationship Between Proactive Market Orientation and Hotel Business Performance in Thailand
Sittichai Nuansate --- Sany Sanuri Mohd Mokhtar
Pages: 234-237 Download PDF
Does Sovereign Debt Create the Sustained Growth? The Case Study of Thailand
Pornpong Sakdapat
Pages: 238-249 Download PDF
Analyzing the Challenges for Promoting Saffron Industrial Cluster in Mashhad to Move towards a Knowledge City Paradigm
Omid Ali Kharazmi --- Masoumeh Valipourerami
Pages: 250-259 Download PDF
Portfolio Construction in Enhanced Index Tracking Modelling
Saiful Hafizah Jaaman --- Lam Weng Siew
Pages: 260-263 Download PDF
A Multidimensional Structure of Shopping Centre Visit Objectives - An European Consumers’ Perspective
Marcin Gasior --- Lukasz Skowron
Pages: 264-270 Download PDF
Conceptual Model for Study of the Effect of Information Quality and Third Party Seals Toward Customers’ Trust in B2C E-Commerce Website
Nurul Syafika Nadiah Mohd Zabarudin --- Norlia Mustaffa --- Aszifa Aris
Pages: 271-286 Download PDF
Spirituality and Leader’s Effectiveness: An Islamic Perspective
Gholamreza Zandi
Pages: 287-294 Download PDF
Human Capital Disclosure Practices by Malaysian Companies
Siti Mariana Taliyang --- Rosmaria Jaffar@ Harun --- Nurul Huda Mustafa --- Maslina Mansor
Pages: 295-298 Download PDF
Cumulative Average Abnormal Return and Semistrong Form Efficiency Testing in Indonesian Equity Market over Restructuring Issue
Faizil Ikram --- Anggoro Budi Nugroho
Pages: 299-316 Download PDF
Analyzing Factors Affecting Employee Performance in Pt Pins Indonesia
Ayu Shabrina Puteri  --- Ir. John Welly
Pages: 317-327 Download PDF
The Effects of Changes in Accounting Standards on Value Relevance of Financial Statement Information of Malaysia and Nigeria Banks
Ugbede Onalo ---  Mohd Lizam --- Ahmad Kaseri --- Timothy O. Usman
Pages: 328-355 Download PDF
Does Age of the Firm Determine Capital Structure Decision? Evidence from Malaysian Trading and Service Sector
Noryati Ahmad --- Yon Bahiah Wan Aris
Pages: 356-365 Download PDF
Investigating the Role of Foreign Direct Investment on Stock Market: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange
Faez Ali --- Lajevardi Masoud --- Fakharmanesh Sina
Pages: 366-375 Download PDF
Stakeholderism and Ethical Management Practices in Nigerian Industrialization
Oludele, Mayowa Solaja --- Peter Oluwadamilare Kalejaiye
Pages: 376-382 Download PDF
Green Products Purchasing Among Malaysian Consumers
Hossein Nezakati --- Masoumeh Hosseinpour
Pages: 383-386 Download PDF
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Debt, Liquidity, Growth, and Volume of Companies in Palestine Stock Exchange
Tamer Bahjat Hussain Sabri --- Khalid Mohammad Sweis
Pages: 387-391 Download PDF
Testing for Export Performance Differential and FDI Externalities:A Firm Level Analysis of Thai Manufacturing Plants
Chayanon Phucharoen
Pages: 392-403 Download PDF
Evaluating Unit Trusts Investment Behaviour: Evidence from Retail Investor in Malaysia
Nurasyikin Jamaludin
Pages: 404-413 Download PDF
Gender and Sexuality in ASEAN Literature: Thai, Lao and Vietnamese Contexts
Orathai Piayura
Pages: 414-418 Download PDF
Investigating the Moderating Effect of Demographic Factors on the Relationship between Monetary Motivation and Employees’ Job Performance at Oil and Gas Offshore Production Facilities in Malaysia
Mak Met --- Ibrahim Ali
Pages: 419-442 Download PDF
Image of a Man and the Universe in Kazakh and Mongol Myths
Shamakhay Saira --- Sarkulova Manifa --- Adayeva Gulnar --- Tursunbaeva Aigul
Pages: 443-446 Download PDF
A Model for Green IT Strategy: A Content Analysis Approach
Reinhardt A Botha --- Riekert du Preez
Pages: 447-468 Download PDF
Are Companies from New Block EU Countries Willing To Publicly Present Financial Reports? Focused on Czech and Estonia
Jiří Strouhal --- Monika Nikitina-Kalamäe --- Natalja Gurvitš --- Tsz Wan Li --- Anna-Lena Lochman --- Kathrin Born
Pages: 469-475 Download PDF
The Place of Forest and Ecotourism in the Economic Development of Nigeria
O. A. Funmilayo
Pages: 476-482 Download PDF
An Exemplary Leadership: The Ifon Orolu and Ifon Omima Conflict Resolution Process in South-West Nigeria
P. F. Owojuyigbe
Pages: 483-491 Download PDF
Strategic Determinants of Family Firm Performance: A Proposed Research Framework
Issa Smierat --- Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff
Pages: 492-501 Download PDF
The Impact of Country Risk on Expected Return and Volatility: Evidence from Emerging Oil & Gas Stock Markets
Hassan El-Sady --- Kholoud Al-Awadhi --- Mansour AlShamali --- Vasilya Sultanova
Pages: 502-513 Download PDF
Quality Management Practices towards Customer Satisfaction in Local Authority Public Services Website
Ahmad Abdul Nadzir Romli --- Syuhaida Ismail
Pages: 514-524 Download PDF
Online Reading Habits of Learners in the English as Second Language Classroom: A Case Study
Christina Shamini Lourdesamy --- Melor Md Yunus
Pages: 525-537 Download PDF
A Review and Research Agenda; Impact of Human Resource Practices on Job Satisfaction of Employees in Foreign and Local Banks of Pakistan
Ahmed Muneeb Mehta --- Fauzia Naheed Khawaja
Pages: 538-543 Download PDF
Language Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement Among Esl Students
Rina A/P Ganam --- Hamidah Bt Yamat@Ahmad
Pages: 544-549 Download PDF
Landfill Management Using Social Ecological Resilience Theory. A Qualitative Study
Nabukeera Madinah --- Ali Boerhannoeddin
Pages: 550-554 Download PDF
Copyright for Educators
Miss Misbah Saboohi
Pages: 555-565 Download PDF
Analyzing the Factors Affecting Business Performance of Startup Companies in Digital Creative Industry in Indonesia
Betari Britania --- Ir. Achmad Herlanto Anggono
Pages: 566-576 Download PDF
IPR Protection Benefits for Intellectual Propertyin a Higher Educationto Improve the Competitiveness of the Higher Education as an Effort to Enhance the Acceleration of the Creative Economic Growth of Indonesia
Hafied Noor  Bagja --- Nina Nurani
Pages: 577-587 Download PDF
Earnings Oriented Educational System: A Case Study of the Workforce of Lahore Institutions
Muhammad Afzal
Pages: 588-618 Download PDF
Social and Cultural Factors Related to the Inclination of Women to Cesarean in Arjomand Hospital of Kerman in 2012
Rahmatollah Dadvar --- Mohammad Hossein Baghiani Moghadam --- Jamileh  Vaziri --- Maryam Habibi Fathabadi
Pages: 619-630 Download PDF
Effectiveness of Student Training Employment Program (STEP) for Students Career in Hotel Industry
Avi Monalisa Efendi --- Christian Kahl
Pages: 631-645 Download PDF
Owner/Managers’ Financing Preferences and the Proportion of Firm’s Capital Structure: Evidence from Successful SMEs in Malaysia
Shafie Mohamed Zabri --- Kamilah Ahmad --- Jonathan Lean
Pages: 646-657 Download PDF