Handbook on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research, Vol.4, 2015

ISBN: 978-969-9952-02-9
Teaching Small Literature- Sentence Craft
Abdul Halim Ibrahim ---Abdul Halim Ali
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Analysis Place Branding As a Local Culture Kampung Naga West Java Indonesia
Mutia Tri Satya --- Aneu Kuraesin
Pages: 6-10 Download PDF
Q Determination of Transmission GPR Waves in Absorbing Media
Eddy Ibrahim --- Wahyudi W.Parnadi
Pages: 11-21 Download PDF
Study of Layered Structure on Contact Boundary Area of Formation Panasogan-Waturanda by Applying Ground Penetrating Radar Method
Eddy Ibrahim --- Wahyudi W Parnadi
Pages: 22-28 Download PDF
New Method of Inversion Vertical Electrical Logging (IVEL) for Identification of Coal Seam Prospect of Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatera
Eddy Ibrahim --- Endang Wiwik D.H --- Sutopo
Pages: 29-36 Download PDF
Characteristic of Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Pampangan at Distric of Banyuasin, South Sumatera, Indonesia
Yuanita Windusari --- Laila Hanum --- Erwin Nofyan --- Mustafa Kamal --- Adri Amsar
Pages: 37-44 Download PDF
A New Method to Sterilise Mushroom Substrate for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation
M.A.B. Sidik --- Z. Buntat --- M. Che Razali --- Y. Buntat --- Z. Nawawi --- M.I. Jambak --- I.R. Smith
Pages: 45-51 Download PDF
Web Service Composition for E-Commerce Web application
Anis ISMAIL --- Abd El Salam AL HAJJAR --- Abdel Karim KASSEM
Pages: 52-59 Download PDF
Investigation of Kidney Stone Using a Microstrip Patch Antenna Scanning System
Mohamad ALWAN --- Sawsan SADEK
Pages: 60-66 Download PDF
Influence of Shear Connector Size on Ultimate Strength in Composite Construction with Cold-Formed Steel Channel Lipped Section
Mahmood Md. Tahir --- Mustapha Muhammad Lawan --- Anis Saggaff --- Jahangir Mirza
Pages: 67-74 Download PDF
Influence of Low Ag Doping on Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Sol-Gel Dip-coated Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films
M. Dehimi --- T. Touam --- A. Chelouche --- F. Boudjouan --- A. Bouasla --- D. Djouadi --- A. Fischer --- A. Boudrioua --- A. Doghmane
Pages: 75-83 Download PDF
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Some Novel N,N-Di-Oxalamide Derivatives
Maha Habash --- Mohammad Yasin Mohammad --- Manal Ayyash --- Mutasem O. Taha
Pages: 84-91 Download PDF
Impact of Shear Connector Spacing in Composite Construction Incorporating Cold-Formed Steel Channel Lipped Section
Anis Saggaff --- Mustapha Muhammad Lawan --- Mahmood Md. Tahir --- Jahangir Mirza
Pages: 92-97 Download PDF
Mathematical & Spatial Relationship between Dome and Al- Mousala in Congregational Mosques (An Analytical Study of Basic Dimension of Central Dome Pattern)
Raeed Salim Ahmed Al-Nuamman
Pages: 98-113 Download PDF