Handbook on Business Strategy and Social Sciences, Vol.3 , 2015

ISBN: 978-969-9952-04-3
Exploring the Characteristics of the E-commerce Marketplace in Saudi Arabia
Shaza W. Ezzi
Pages: 1-12 Download PDF
Testing Pecking Order Theory and Trade off Theory Models in Public Companies in Indonesia
Arief Yulianto --- Deky Aji Suseno --- Widiyanto
Pages: 13-18 Download PDF
Developing the Family Protection Model to Reduce Family Domestic Violence in West Java, Indonesia
Pudji Muljono --- Sarwititi Sarwoprasodjo --- Mintarti
Pages: 19-28 Download PDF
The Great Silk Road as Cultural Phenomena
Tursynbayeva Aigul --- Ilyassova Zibagul --- Shamakhay Saira
Pages: 29-34 Download PDF
Organizational Capacity, Organizational Motivation, External Environment and Knowledge Transfer and Sharing: A Conceptual Framework
Houcine Meddour  --- Abdul Halim Abdul Majid --- Rushami Zien Yusoff
Pages: 35-42 Download PDF
GST Regime: Preliminary Study on Development of GST Online Training
Noridayu Abdullah Sani --- Kausar Yaakup
Pages: 43-50 Download PDF
Comparative Sensitivity of Capital Market Information to Malaysian and Nigerian Banks Accounting Information under GAAPs and IFRS
Onalo Ugbede --- Mohd Lizam --- Ahmad Kaseri
Pages: 51-55 Download PDF
Comparative Extensiveness of Malaysian and Nigerian Banks Earnings Management under Different Accounting Standards
Onalo Ugbede --- Mohd Lizam --- Ahmad Kaseri
Pages: 56-62 Download PDF
Interactive Effect Between Organizations Strategy Building and Accounting Information System Design A Case Study of Social Security Corporation (Jordan)
Sanaa .N. Maswadeh
Pages: 63-68 Download PDF
Guidelines for Improving Productivity, Inventory, Turnover Rate, and Level of Defects in Manufacturing Industry
Piyachat Burawat
Pages: 69-74 Download PDF
The Relationship between Central Bank Activities and Price Stability: Case Study on the Central Bank of Turkey
Cahit Gungor
Pages: 75-79 Download PDF
Improving Marketing Performance through Superior Business Capabilities and Entrepreneurial Networks
Murwatiningsih --- Arief Yulianto --- Nina Oktarina
Pages: 80-86 Download PDF
Collaborative Approach: Strategy for Competitive Universities in Nigeria
Ahmed Abubakar
Pages: 87-92 Download PDF
Political Interference and Local Government Performance in Nigeria: The Moderating role of Internal Audit Quality
Obal Usang Edet Usang --- Basariah Salim
Pages: 93-100 Download PDF
The Impact of Auction System on Forest Revenue Collection: Mtibwa Forest Plantation, Tanzania
Kagosi, Pilly Joseph --- Laswai, Fransis
Pages: 101-112 Download PDF