Handbook on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research, Vol.3, 2015

ISBN: 978-969-9952-05-0
Considering Hybridisation of Form and Function in Overarching Movement and Designed Objects
Stephen T.F. Poon
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Faecal Coliforms (FC) and Faecal Streptococci (FS) Ratio as a Tool for Assessment of Water Contamination: A Case Study of River Sokoto, Northwestern Nigeria
Raji, M.I.O. --- Ibrahim Y.K.E. -- Tytler, B.A. --- Ehinmidu, J.O.
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Current Trends in Software Engineering Research
Gayatri Vijiyan
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Comparative Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Milk Production Systems in Uasin Gishu County of Kenya
Michael B. Kibiego --- Job K. Lagat --- Bockline O. Bebe
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Synthesis of Clay-Based Ceramic/Carbon Composite by Starch Consolidation Casting and Reductive Sintering
Alexander O. Mosqueda --- Ruben L. Menchavez --- Nathaniel M. Anacleto    
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Society Community (ARISAN) Based on Green Life Style towards a Sustainable Society to Prevent Global Warming and Increase Social Solidarity at Jojoran Surabaya
Muhammad Arif Santoso --- Dwi Yulian Fahruddin Shah --- Indatul Fitriyah
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A Flow Injection Assay System for Online Quantification and Calibration of Saliva α-Amylase Activity
Yu Wang --- Kangwei Shen --- Zhao Zhang --- Haixia Gu --- Xuejun Kang
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The Importance of Control Variable in Policy Implementation Model of Smith’s Theory
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Trends Analysis for Tidal Level Observed at Kukup and Tanjung Keling Stations
Zarina Md Ali --- Lai Wai Tan
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The Conceptual Framework of Success Research Management Based On Best Practice Research and Knowledge Management (Mygrant Case Study)
Wan Maseri Binti Wan Mohd --- Ramdan Bin Razali --- Norasyikin Binti Safieny
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Experimental Study Damage in a Composite Structure by Vibration Analysis- Glass / Polyester
Missoum.L --- Djermane.M --- Labbaci. B --- Abdeldjebar. R --- Moudden. B
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Effects of Hallosite Nanoclay on Mechanical and Physicochemical Properties of Potato Starch Films
Zeynab Torabi --- Abdorreza Mohammadi Nafchi
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The Eigenfrequencies of a Real Structure Excited by an Internal Noise
B. Benabdelkader --- M. Elmir --- A. Touhami
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A Study on Fokker Planck and Burgers Equations by Space Two Fractional Derivatives
M.G.Fajlul Kareem --- A.Divya --- P.S. Sehik Uduman
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Proximate Composition and Heavy Metals Bioaccumulative Capacity of Edible Muscles of Cuttlefish (Sepia spp) from Red Sea
Hala Ali, Abdel-Salam --- El Benasy, K.S
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University education in development of human resources as a precursor to effective actualization of performance management: Insights of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)
Muhammad Wabuna
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Amelioration of Earth Bricks by Introduction of Traditional Lime for Arid Regions
Abdeldjebar R. --- Labbaci B. ---- Lahmar L. --- Missoum L. --- Moudden B.
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Comparative Study on the Determinants on SMEs Performances in Selangor and Sabah, Malaysia
Nurul Fatihah Rosli --- Noraini Abdullah
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Motivation and Medium of Information Affectıng Film Viewing in Malaysia
Diana Hassan --- Noraini Abdullah --- Zainodin H.J. --- Suhaimi Salleh
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