Handbook on the Economic, Finance and Management Outlooks

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Monetary Unions and its Discontent: An Institutional Analysis of the West African Monetary Institute
U. Joseph Nnanna 
Pages: 1-7 Download PDF
The Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth: Case of Tunisia, Morocco, Japan and South Korea
Sbaouelgi Jihene
Pages: 8-18 Download PDF
The Effect of Inequality Distribution of Income (Gini Index as Selected Indicator) on Health Indicators (Infant Mortality Rate and Life Expectancy as Selected Indicators) in Developing Countries : (1995-2008)
Sima Nejadlabbaf; Azam Jari;Hadiyan Mohammad
Pages: 19-27 Download PDF
Four Factors Model in Asset Pricing: Fama & French Three Factors Model is Combined With Liquidity in the Stock Exchange of Vietnam
Tran Viet Hoang; Nguyen Ngoc Huy; Nguyen Anh Phong
Pages: 28-35 Download PDF
Are Resource Abundant Countries Afflicted By The Resource Curse?
Shahida Wizarat
Pages: 36-49 Download PDF
Revisiting the Contention of the FD/GDP Nexus of the Northern Sudanese Economy: A New Startling Empirical Result
Abdulkadir Abdulrashid Rafindadi; Zarinah Yusof
Pages: 50-70 Download PDF
Importance of Corporate Governance Quality and Voluntary Disclosures of Corporate Governance Information in Listed Malaysian Family Controlled Businesses
Norziana Lokman; Joseph M Mula; Julie Cotter
Pages: 71-89 Download PDF
Distribution of the Livelihood Assets among the Hardcore Poor: Evidence from Kedah, Malaysia
Shamzaeffa Samsudin; Roslina Kamaruddin
Pages: 90-95 Download PDF
Indonesian Islamic and Conventional Equity Fund Performance Measurement using Sharpe, Modified Snail Trail, and Morningstar Rating Groundwork
A.F. Hartono; S.Soekarno;  S.M Damayanti
Pages: 96-106 Download PDF
The relationship between Independent Non Executive Director’s and Audit Committee on Firm Performance among Malaysian Listed Companies
Idris Adamu Alhaji; Maryam Ismaila Baba; Wan Fauziahbt Wan Yusoff
Pages: 107-113 Download PDF
Oil Price and Exchange Rate Relationship for ASEAN-5 Countries: A Panel Study Approach
Mukhriz Izraf Azman Aziz; Jauhari Dahalan; Lukman Hakim
Pages: 114-119 Download PDF
A Study on Performance Efficiency of Nationalized Banks of India: A DEA Approach
P. Mariappan; S. Lakshmi; G. Sreeaarthi
Pages: 120-133 Download PDF
The Financial Performance of Cloud Computing
I-Cheng Chang; Bao-Ru Guo; Chuang-Chun Liu
Pages: 134-137 Download PDF
Relationships among Team Trust, Team Cohesion, Team Satisfaction, Team Effectiveness and Project Performance as Perceived by Project Managers in Malaysia
Han-Ping Fung
Pages: 138-151 Download PDF
Brand as a Strategic Asset and Its Competition in Consumer Product Industry (Empirical Study of the Brand Earned Indonesian Best Brand Award 2011)
Orpha Jane
Pages: 152-161 Download PDF
The Relationship among Brand Experience, Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction of Facebook Users in Indonesia
Ida Yulianti; Wei Tung
Pages: 162-177 Download PDF
Human Capital and Technological Catch-up in the Asian Developing Countries
Chuah Soo Cheng; Nor Azam Abdul Razak; Hussin Abdullah
Pages: 178-183 Download PDF
Inadequacy of Accounting Records And Poor Budgetary Planning: A Threat To Entity’s Going Concern
Felix Olurankinse
Pages: 184-197 Download PDF
Is Financial Development A Factor to the Leading Growth Profile of the South African Economy in the Sub-Saharan Continents? Uncovering the Hidden Secret
Abdulkadir Abdulrashid Rafindadi;  Zarinah Yusof
Pages: 198-213 Download PDF
Minimum Wage Policy in Malaysia: Its Impact and the Readiness of Firms
Joyce Leu Fong Yuen
Pages: 214-223 Download PDF
Nigerian Banks and Global Challenges-Further Evidence
OGUNDINA John Ayodele
Pages: 224-230 Download PDF
Impact of ASEAN-Korea FTA on Poverty: The case study of Laos
Jeong-Soo OH; Phouphet KYOPHILAVONG
Pages: 231-238 Download PDF
An Investigation on the Relationship Between Human Resources Strategies Towards Employee Innovation
Ahmad Nizam Mohd Yusof; Siti Noraini Mohd Tobi
Pages: 239-243 Download PDF
Government Spending, Intrinsic Motivation And Fertility
Supian Mat Salleh; Noreha Halid; Suhaili Al-Ma’amun
Pages: 244-254 Download PDF
Determinants of Livestock Holders’ Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Gandaki River Basin, Nepal
Chandra Kant Dhakal; Punya Prasad Regmi; Ishwari Prasad Dhakal; Binod Khanal; Usha Kiran Bhatta
Pages: 255-263 Download PDF
Does Risk Management affect on Bank Efficiency? An Analysis of Sri Lankan Banking Sector
J.M. Ruwani Fernando; P.D.Nimal
Pages: 264-274 Download PDF
Measuring Training Effectiveness: Evidence from Malaysia
Siti Fardaniah Abdul Aziz
Pages: 275-294 Download PDF
Happiness and Students’ Performance in Quantitative Subjects-A Preliminary Study
Izyani Zulkifli
Pages: 295-302 Download PDF
Information Asymmetry And Lending Equilibrium in Nigeria: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Bank-Borrower Relationship
C. Chris Ofonyelu
Pages: 303-311 Download PDF
The Relationship between Servant Leadership and Organizational Commitment: The Malaysian Perspectives
Aznarahayu Ramli; Nasina Mat Desa
Pages: 312-324 Download PDF
Budget deficit and Real exchange rate: Further Evidence from cointegration and causality test for in the Lao PDR
Phouthanouphet Saysombath; Phouphet Kyophilavong
Pages: 325-334 Download PDF
The Enhancement of Micro Small Enterprises Capacity and Local Economy through Socio Economic Institution Networking:Study in East Java Tourism Area
Khusnul Ashar
Pages: 335-342 Download PDF
Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning in Food Manufacturing Industry
Che Wan Jasimah bt Wan Mohamed Radzi; Huang Hui; Hashem Salarzadeh Jenatabadi; Son Radu; Farihah bt Abu Kassim
Pages: 343-348 Download PDF
Human Capital Management Initiatives and Organizational Sustainability: Case Study in a Selected Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprise
Oki Sunardi; M. Yuni Ros Bangun; Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja
Pages: 349-356 Download PDF
The Impact of Local Government Expenditure Efficiency on Economics and Poverty Growth of East Java Province (Study of Educational Expenditure, Health and Infrastructure)
Rahmah Yabbar
Pages: 357-370 Download PDF
Sector Rotation Investment Strategy in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Albert Parulian Ambarita; Subiakto Soekarno
Pages: 371-376 Download PDF
An Adaptive Structuration Theory towards Price Transmission along Rice Value Chain
Maria Widyarini; Togar M Simatupang
Pages: 377-398 Download PDF
Happiness and its Influencing Factors among Paddy Farmers in Granary Area of MADA
Roslina Kamaruddin; Jamal Ali; Nariman Mohd. Saad
Pages: 399-407 Download PDF
Post Asian Crisis Experience on Bank Efficiency and Competition
Shazida Jan Mohd Khan; Norazlina Wahab
Pages: 408-423 Download PDF
Rural Savings Mobilization Among Women: A Pancea For Poverty Reduction
Fasoranti M. M.
Pages: 424-431 Download PDF
Health Sector Development in Nigeria: The Implications of the changing gears between Demographic and Epidemiological Transitions
Fasoranti M. M.; C. Chris Ofonyelu
Pages: 432-440 Download PDF
The Interest Rate Algebra
Yuriy V. Kozyr
Pages: 441-454 Download PDF
Hospital at Home: Sustainable Healthcare in Developing Countries Through Reducing Average Length of Stay in Hospitals
Nerminathan; Wan Noor Amalyna Binti Wan Fadzil Adlan; Arany A. Nerminathan
Pages: 455-463 Download PDF
FDI in Indian Retail Sector: Strategic Issues and Implications
Pages: 464-477 Download PDF
How to use Cobit Applications in Educational Institutes
K. L. Erturk; G. Şengul ; M. Rehan
Pages: 478-485 Download PDF
An Appraisal of the Strategies of Rural Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: Implications for Rural Development
Fasoranti Olayiwola Oluwajenyo
Pages: 486-494 Download PDF
Transformational Leadership Behaviour and its Relationship with Leadership Outcomes in A Higher Learning Institution
Norshidah Nordin
Pages: 495-503 Download PDF
Profitability of Investment in Government-Sponsored Unit Trust Funds (Asb Unit Trust Fund) Through Term Loan Facility: A Backtesting Approach
Imran Md Jelas; Abu Bakar Ahmad
Pages: 504-513 Download PDF
Financial Development and the Economies of Sub-Sahara Africa:A Cointegration and Causality Approach
Pages: 514-527 Download PDF
Trends in E-Governments: From E-Govt to M-Govt
K. L. Erturk
Pages: 528-534 Download PDF
Relation between Economic Growth and Distribution of Income per Capita and Human Development Index Among Five Major Islands and Provinces in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
Imam Mujahidin Fahmid
Pages: 535-543 Download PDF
Measuring the Regional Variations in Educational Attainment and Inequality in Nigeria
Habibu Mohammed Umar; Russayani Ismail; Roslan Abdul-Hakim
Pages: 544-551 Download PDF
Business Model Innovation in Music Industry: A Literature Review
Dina Dellyana; Togar M Simatupang
Pages: 552-563 Download PDF
Moderating Effects of Supervisory Support between Work-Family Demands and Life Satisfaction among Malaysian Female Academicians
Meguellati Achour; Mohd Yakub Zulkifli Bin Mohd Yusoff; Mohd Roslan Bin Mohd Nor
Pages: 564-572 Download PDF
The Causality between Salary Structures and Team Performance in Korean Professional Baseball League
Jye-Shyan Wang; Chih-Fu Cheng; Wen-Jhan Jane
Pages: 573-581 Download PDF
Patterns and Trust Formed on the Partnership Contract between Sugar Factory and Cane Farmers
Farah W. Pangestuty; Ardhitya Nanda Umar Dessatria
Pages: 582-593 Download PDF
Do Oil And Non-Oil Balance of Trade Impact Similarly on Malaysia and Nigeria GDP?
Onalo Ugbede; Mohd Lizam; Ahmad Kaseri; Stephen Makoji Robert
Pages: 594-610 Download PDF
Does Total Quality Management Affect the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises? A Case of Manufacturing SMEs in Ghana
Ruby Melody Agbola; Ebenezer Ankrah
Pages: 611-620 Download PDF
An Architecture for Personal Achievement Evaluation System in an University by Applying Open Source ECM and BI Software
Muslin Ridhrod; Taratip Suwannasart; Arthit Thongtak
Pages: 621-626 Download PDF
Unethical Marketing Practices of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan: A Case Study of Sukkur Division
Saeed Abbas Shah; Hyder Ali Khawaja
Pages: 627-635 Download PDF
Investors’ Behavioral Biases and the Stock Market Development: An Empirical Study of the Pakistani Stock Market
Hyder Ali Khawaja; Niaz Ahmed Bhutto; Salma Naz
Pages: 636-642 Download PDF
Key Indicators towards the Implementation of Green Government Procurement in Malaysia
Nur Diyana Musa; Sharifah Buniamin; Nor Hasimah Johari; Norkhazimah Ahmad; Fatimah Hanim Abdul Rauf; Azwan Abdul Rashid
Pages: 643-652 Download PDF
Foreign Direct Investment Affluences in Iskandar Malaysia
Patmawati Ibrahim; Maimunah Ali
Pages: 653-662 Download PDF
Transferring the Technology via Foreign Direct Investment: Does this Approach Escalate the Competitiveness of the Economy for the Developing Country?
Md. Shakib Hossain; Abu Zafar Ahmed Mukul; Mallick Rakibul Hasan
Pages: 663-673 Download PDF
Continuance Intention Usage towards E-HRM
Thiruselvi S.; Yusliza M-Y.; Ramayah T.; Nur Zahiyah O.
Pages: 674-687 Download PDF
Government And Poverty Alleviation in Ondo State, Nigeria
Akinmulegun Sunday Ojo
Pages: 688-694 Download PDF
Measuring The Quality of Sustainability Disclosure in Malaysian Commercial Banks
Noor Ashikin Harun; Azwan Abdul Rashid; Bakhtiar Alrazi
Pages: 695-702 Download PDF
Mono Mode Vs Multiple Modes in the Context of Complexity Economics Through Mmtpi and Abtwram Both in Developing and Developed Countries
Vignes Gopal Krishna    
Pages: 703-707 Download PDF
Extended Formalized Model for Financial Module of Open Source ERP System using REA Ontology
Jedpreeya Bekthaisong; Wiwat Vatanawood
Pages: 708-713 Download PDF
Youth Unemployment in Mauritius: The Ticking Bomb
Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur; Harshana Kasseeah
Pages: 714-735 Download PDF
An Import Demand Function for the Australian Economy Using Vector Autoregression Techniques
Prashan S. M. Karunaratne
Pages: 736-755 Download PDF
Moderating Effects of Personal Characteristics on Intention to be Involved in KM Process
Mohamed Jalaldeen Mohamed Razi; Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim; Norshidah Mohamed
Pages: 756-767 Download PDF
The Influence of Personality Traits on the Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction among Married Women
Nurhazirah Hashim; Abdul Kadir Othman; Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah
Pages: 768-774 Download PDF
Impact of Large Investors on Firm Dividend Policy
Gholamreza Zandi; Alireza Shahabi; Babak Naysary
Pages: 775-781 Download PDF
An Econometric Modelling and Prediction of the Pattern of Corporate Failure in Periods of Financial and Currency Crisis: A Conceptual Analysis on the Asian Continents
Abdulkadir Abdulrashid Rafindadi;  Zarinah Yusof
Pages: 782-804 Download PDF
A Startling New Empirical Finding on the Nexus Between Financial Development and Economic Growth in Kenya
Abdulkadir Abdulrashid Rafindadi; Zarinah Yusof
Pages: 805-820 Download PDF
Revitalization of Local Goverment Enterprises (BUMD) in Kediri, East Java
Dwi Budi Santosa
Pages: 821-832 Download PDF
Business Website Interface Design for Feature Based Review Posting and Handle Spam: Concise Model
Atika Qazi, Ram Gopal Raj, Muhammad Tahir, Syed Karim Bux, Zia ud din Sheikh
Pages: 833-838 Download PDF
Policy Transformation from Public Sector Agency to Business Entity: Lessons Learnt in Implementing Corporatisation Policy by Government Linked Research & Technology Organisations in Malaysia
Aini Suzana Ariffin
Pages: 839-856 Download PDF
Poverty Alleviation and Long-Term Sustainability of Microfinance Project: With Special Reference to Matale District
P.W.N.A.Kumari, P.J.Kumarasinghe
Pages: 857-866 Download PDF
The Potential Impact of HRM Practices towards Employee Job Satisfaction – A study of Government Hospital in Malaysia
Muhamad Khalil Omar, Siti Noridayu Binti Ahmad, Dahlan Azzarina Zakaria, Badrul Azmier Mohamed
Pages: 867-872 Download PDF