Handbook on the Economics, Finance and Management outlooks, Vol.3, 2015

ISBN: 978-969-9952-03-6
Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Performance in South Africa: (2000-2014)
Wilson Chamunorwa --- Ireen Choga
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The Correlation between the Palestinian Civil Society Institutions and the Universities
Khalid Mohammed Sweis
Pages: 9-19 Download PDF
Developing Corporate Governance Quality and it’s Impact on Firm Value
Ulil Hartono --- Musdholifah
Pages: 20-23 Download PDF
Exploring the Determinants of Hotel Occupancy Rate: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
Wei-Ting Hung --- Jui-Kuo Shang --- Fei-Ching Wang
Pages: 24-26 Download PDF
Does Inflation Targeting Effectively Combat Exchange Rate Volatility in Ghana and South Africa?
Mohammed Umar --- Jauhari Dahalan
Pages: 27-33 Download PDF
One-Sided Linking of Mortgage Loans to the Price of Foreign Currencies
Nahum Biger
Pages: 34-40 Download PDF
Does Financial Leverage Influence Investment Decisions? Empirical Evidence from KSE-30 Index of Pakistan
Muhammad Sajid --- Safdar Hussain Tahir --- Hazoor Muhammad Sabir
Pages: 41-46 Download PDF
Development of Decision Making Method to Success of Software Development Project based on the Discriminant Analysis
Kazuhiro Esaki --- Kizuku Kuwahara --- Tetsu Sagae
Pages: 47-53 Download PDF
Common Process Management based on the TQM Matrix and Three Dimensional Unification Value Model
Kazuhiro Esaki
Pages: 54-59 Download PDF
Comparison between Decision Making Method for Success Right or Wrong of Software Development Project
Kazuhiro Esaki --- Kizuku Kuwahara --- Tetsu Sagae
Pages: 60-65 Download PDF
The Impact of Money Supply on Economic Growth: Theory, Experience, Modelling
Robert Nizhegorodtsev --- Nina Goridko
Pages: 66-72 Download PDF
Estimating the Size of the Underground Economy in Saudi: Evidence From Gregory-Hansen Cointegration Based Currency Demand Approach
Awadh Ahmed Mohammed Gamal --- Jauhari B. Dahalan
Pages: 73-87 Download PDF
Linking Cooperative Health Insurance Service Characteristics to Expatriates’ Satisfaction: Mediating Role of Customer Knowledge
Mubarak Aldosari --- Yusnidah Ibrahim ---  NorlidaBinti Abdul Manab
Pages: 88-95 Download PDF
The Relationship between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Lean Six Sigma in the South African Financial Sector
Goldsmith. M --- Dhliwayo.S
Pages: 96-103 Download PDF