Handbook on Business Strategy and Social Sciences (2015)

ISBN: 978-969-9952-01-2
The Potential of Scientific Research Support and its Role in Enhancing the Competitiveness of Universities “Zarqa University as Case Study” 2001-2013
Ahmad Assaf
Pages: 1-6 Download PDF
De Jure or De Facto Institutions: An Analysis from Trade Policy Perspective
Saima Sarwar --- M. Wasif Siddiqi
Pages: 7-16 Download PDF
Features of a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management
Sergey A. Surkov --- Ellen G. Trofimova
Pages: 17-20 Download PDF
Economic Growth, Defence Expenditure and Threats in Nigeria 1980-2013: Bound Co-Integration Analysis
Muhammed Aminu Umar -- Abu Sufian Abu Bakar
Pages: 21-29 Download PDF
Mental Disorders Signs in Afghan Immigrants /Refugees
Mahboubeh Dadfar --- David Lester --- Mohammad Kazem Atef Vahid --- Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek --- Jafar Bolhari --- Mehrdad Mohammadian --- Fazel Bahrami --- Ali Asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Pages: 30-37 Download PDF
Income Convergence and FDI: Evidence from Lower-Middle Income West African Economies
Musa Murtala --- Sallahuddin Hassan
Pages: 38-44 Download PDF
Modelling Intention to Pursue Business Careers: A PLS-SEM Multi-Group Analysis of Ghanaian Accounting and Management Post-Graduates
Joseph Mbawuni --- Simon Gyasi Nimako
Pages: 45-59 Download PDF
Saudi Arabia’s Female Teachers’ Work Environment: An Exploratory Study
Aljaghthami Eman --- Hajah Noormala Dato Amir Ishak --- T. Ramayah --- Cynthia Yolanda Doss
Pages: 60-63 Download PDF
Direct and Indirect effects of Perceived Usefulness of Loans on Clients’ Intention to Recommend Financial Service Providers
Simon Gyasi Nimako --- Joseph Mbawuni
Pages: 64-75 Download PDF
A Heideggerian Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research Study into Romanian Nurse Managers’ Occupational Stress in UAE
Camelia Akkela --- Irina Leca
Pages: 76-88 Download PDF
Does the Egyptian Market Value Sustainability Reporting?
Marwa Hassaan
Pages: 89-94 Download PDF
Language Acquisition Through Lifelong Learning Programme
Mirela Loredana Copca
Pages: 95-99 Download PDF
Some Dialects of the Azerbaijani Language in the Bilingual Environment
Gurbanova Ilahe
Pages: 100-108 Download PDF
Evaluating Strategic Marketing in Higher Education Through Social Media: A Study with Reference to Saudi Arabia
Khalid A Alotaibi --- Venkata Sai Srinivasa Rao Muramalla
Pages: 109-114 Download PDF
Evidence on Real Exchange Rate – Inflation Causality: An Application of Toda-Yamamoto Dynamic Granger Causality Test
Mohammed Umar --- Jauhari Dahalan
Pages: 115-125 Download PDF
Fair Value Accounting After Times of Financial Crisis
Miroslav SKODA -- Juraj GABRHEL
Pages: 126-135 Download PDF
Innovation Manager and his Position in the Company
Kateřina Hrazdilová Bočková -- Juraj Gabrhel
Pages: 136-147 Download PDF
Chasing Pakistan’s Missing Trade: Counterfactual Analysis of Inefficient Trade Patterns
Michael W Nicholson
Pages: 148-153 Download PDF