Handbook on the Emerging Trends in Scientific Research

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Identification of Rhizobacteria from Ludwigia Octovalvis Grown in Arsenic
Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah --- Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah --- Idris Mushrifah --- Nurina Anuar --- Hassan Basri --- Muhammad Mukhlisin
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Determine the Vertical Sections of the Winds By Varieties Stability, in Semi-Urban Atmosphere of Hilla
Najlaa Mohmmad Hadi --- Monim Hakem Al-Jboori --- Khalid Hasan Al-Ammar

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Numerical Study of Improved Semiconductor Laser Modulation Characteristics of Optical Injection Locking
S.N.Hoseinimotlagh --- M.Nikravesh --- S.Sadeghi
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Theoretical Investigation of Both Size and Shape Effects on Ferromagnetic Nanocrystals Curie Temperature
S.N.Hosseinimotlagh --- M. Fereshteh --- M.Shahamiri --- A.R..Kiani
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Dynamical Studies on the Dd Stau Catalyzed Fusion and Comparing Obtained Results by Muon
S.N.Hoseinimotlagh --- M.Ghasemi Shabankareh --- S.Kianafraz
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Comparison of Spin Current in Spin Circuit With Nano-Magnetic Nodes and Two Different Nano-Channels
S. N. Hosseinimotlagh --- H. Ghavidelfard --- S. Kianafraz
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Scrutiny of Shape-Dependent Catalytic of Au-Pt, Au-Pd, and Pt-Pd Nanoparticles from Temperature View Point
S.N.Hosseinimotlagh --- M. Fereshteh --- M.Shahamiri
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Persuasive Communication: A Comparison of Major Attitude-Behaviour Theories in a Social Media Context
Shasha, Teng --- Kok Wei, Khong --- Wei Wei, Goh
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Measuring Fear Among Public Transport Users in Urban Cities
Rohana Sham --- Muhammad Zaly Shah Bin Muhamad Hussein --- Hairul Nizam Ismail
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A New Algorithm for 3D Containment in CAD and GIS Applications
Ali Said
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Nuclear Structure Study of 34S, 34Ar and 34Cl Nuclei in D3F7 Shell
Fatima. M. Hussain --- Fouad A. Majeed
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Financial Satisfaction, Resource Transfers and Bequest Motives Among Malaysia’s Urban Older Adults
Chong Shyue Chuan --- Lim Chee Seong --- Wong Hong Chau
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Is the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education as Remarkable as the Demand?
Mudashir Gafar --- Rozilah Kasim ---  David Martin
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Classification Analysis of High Frequency Stress Wave for Autonomous Detection of Defect in Steel Tubes
Zakiah Abd Halim --- Nordin Jamaludin --- Syarif Junaidi --- Syed Yusaini Syed Yahya
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Unique Insights into ATM Quality Service
Devinaga Rasiah
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Spectrophotometric Determination of Methyldopa in Pharmaceutical Preparation Via Oxidative Coupling Organic Reaction with Para-Phenylenediamine in the Presence of Potassium Periodate
Muneer. A. A. AL-Da amy --- Rashwan. F. AL-Moswi
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Effectiveness and Impact of Community Governance Approach to Alleviate Poverty: A Case Study of CARE International Hambantota Sri Lanka
A. J. M. Chandradasa
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Questioning New Public Space Practices in Post-revolution Cairo
Kamel, Basil --- Elhusseiny
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Effect of Customer Satisfaction, Trust, Information Sharing, Switching Barrier and Relationship Bond on Customer Loyalty of Professional Services Company: Empirical Study on Independent Surveyor Services Industry in Indonesia
Sufrin Hannan --- Budi Suharjo --- Kirbrandoko --- Rita Nurmalina
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Theoretical Review of Determinants of Financial Structure of Firms in Nigeria
Babalola, Yisau Abiodun
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SIHAT: Simplifying Interfaces in Health-Nets for Achieving Telemetry
Qazi Mamoon Ashraf --- Mohamed Hadi Habaebi --- Jalel Chebil
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Innovation, Popularization of Higher Education and Employment
Yoshihiko Fukushima
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Correlation between Student,s Academic Performance and Entrepreneurial Ability when Taught Saponification Reaction Using Kitchen Resources
NJA, Cecilia OBI --- NEJI, Hope Amba
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Urbanization of Rural Areas and the Risk Factors: A Case Study of Five Local Government Areas in Oyo State, Nigeria
Akinnuoye Modupe Agnes --- Mokhtar Jaafar --- Kateman Bin Rostam
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Effect of Agricultural Sector Determinants on Economic Growth
Oyetade P. Oluwatoyese --- Shri Dewi A/P Applanaidu
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The Effect of Corporate Governance on Capital Structure in Public Listed Companies in Indonesia
Stephanus Remond Waworuntu --- Kezia Anastasia Nirmalasari Feyari Tjahjana --- Toto Rusmanto
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Hypoxia Promotes Growth and Viability of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells with Increased Growth Factors Secretion
Jane Ru Choi --- Belinda Pingguan-Murphy --- Wan Abu Bakar Wan Abas --- Mat Adenan Noor Azmi --- Siti Zawiah Omar --- Kien Hui Chua --- Wan Kamarul Zaman Wan Safwani
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Pre-Conditioning with Neuronal Conditioned Medium Enhances the Induction of Dental Pulp Stem Cells into Dopaminergic Like Cells
Nareshwaran Gnanasegaran --- Vijayendran Govindasamy --- Sabri Musa --- Noor Hayaty Abu Kasim
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Increasing Access to Government Primary Care Health Facilities: Quality Improvements Matter
Carl Abelardo T. Antonio, MD, MPH
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Morpho-Biochemical Evaluation of Mung Bean under Textile Industrial Wastewater Stress and Alleviation of Stress by Exogenous Application of Calcium
Simeen Mansoor --- Afshan Iqbal Baig 
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Antidesma Bunius (Bignay) Fruit Extract as an Organic Pesticide against Epilachna spp
Rosario M. Belmi --- Joey Giron ---  Myra L. Tansengco
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The Paradox of Managing Ethnic Militias in Nigeria and Its Implications on Socio-Economic Development
Dahida Deewua Philip 
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Bio N Fertilization on Corn
Clemencia L. Sumagaysay
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The Antecedents of Halal Consumption Congruence (HaCC) of Malaysia’s Halal Food Products: A Conceptual Approach
Mahiah Said --- Faridah Hassan
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Living Arrangements, Poverty, and Health Amongst the Elderly in the District of Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia
Nik Norliati Fitri Md Nor --- Suriati Ghazali --- Usman Haji Yaakob
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Functional Iron Oxide Nanocrystals and its Application on the Removal of Arsenic in Origanum Vulgare Herbal Preparations
Luzviminda S. Quitos --- Danila S. Paragas --- Roland G. Valdez
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The Inclination of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Students Towards Entrepreneurship
Mior Nasir Mior Nazri --- Zarinah Hamid --- Herna Muslim
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Influence of Online Shopping Enjoyment and Trust towards Purchase Intention in Social Commerce Sites
Hao Suan Samuel, Lee --- Kok Wei, Khong --- Jer Lang, Hong
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Causality of Personal Bankruptcy in Malaysia
Eaw Hooi Cheng ---  Khong Kok Wei ---  Usha Rajagopalan ---  Baharom Abdul Hamid 
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Multivariate Treatments Applied to Mineral Composition and Size Data Analysis in Sediments of Urban Rivers as an Emerging Tool for Cleaning Basin of Alto Atoyac, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Mexico
P.F. Rodríguez-Espinosa --- E. Martínez-Tavera --- S. S. Morales García --- N.P. Munoz Sevilla
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The Impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from Indonesia
Toto Rusmanto --- Stephanus Remond Waworuntu --- Valina Purnama Syahbandiah
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Double Weighted Inverse Weibull Distribution
Kareema Abed Al-Kadim ---   Ahmad Fadhil Hantoosh
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Intellectual Capital amongst Commercial Banks in Malaysia
Khairunnisa Abd Zin --- Hamizah Hassan --- Ismail Ahmad
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Autologous Human Serum Supports Better Proliferation, Viability and Homogeneity of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells over Fetal Bovine Serum
Nazmul Haque --- Mohammad Tariqur Rahman --- Noor Hayaty Abu Kasim --- Aied Mohammed Alabsi
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Promotion Strategy and Pricing Strategy Its Influence on Institution Image and Its Implication on Student Interest (Survey at Private Universities in Bandung, West Java)
Ir. Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto
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Religious Perspective of Doctor-Patient Relationship Models in Complementing Uprising Social Phenomenal Demands
Mohd Ariff Sharifudin ---  Wan Rumaizi Wan Husin ---  Mai Nurul Ashikin Taib
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Determinants of Participation in Credit Market among the Farmers in Northern Nigeria
Yusuf Ibrahim Kofarmata --- Shri Dewi Applanaidu --- Sallahuddin Hassan
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The Antecedents of Adopting Corporate Social Responsibility in the Malaysian Hotel Sector: A Conceptual Model
Vahideh Abaeian --- Ken Kyid Yeoh --- Kok Wei Khong
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Positioning Mauritius as a Knowledge Hub in the Context of Globalisation
Deepa Gokulsing
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Public Participation in Budget Management School in Salatiga of Central Java Province, Indonesia
Bambang Ismanto
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Nonparametric Bootstrap Inference in a Multivariate Spatial-Temporal Model
Abubakar S. Asaad --- Erniel B. Barrios
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The Effect of Market Orientation on Entrepreneurial Competency in SMEs in Upper Northeastern Region of Thailand
Phana Dullayaphut --- Subchat Untachai
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Preliminary Studies on Immobilized Cells-Based Microbial Fuel Cell System on its Power Generation Performance
Mohd Hadi Mesran --- Syafikah Mamat --- Yee Rui Pang --- Tan Yi Hong --- Muneera Z --- Mohd Nazlee Faisal M. Ghazali --- Md Abbas Ali --- Nik Azmi Nik Mahmood
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Preliminary Model Framework to Study Natural Ventilation Performance through Passive Design (Case Study: Tapak Semaian Mantin, Seremban
S.C.Chan --- W.S.Yeaw --- A.I.Che Ani
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Consultancy Firms Role to Improve Construction Industry in Egypt towards Sustainability through Engineering Educational Programs
Wael Ahmed Shaaban Abo Neama --- Mostafa Ahmed Mostafa Mahdy
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Pricing Movements of Copra in the Philippines
Baceledes R. Estal
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Child Restraints System Use among Children While Travelling to Day Care Centres Kajang, Malaysia
Muammar Quadaffi Mohd Ariffin --- Nor Fadilah Mohd Soid --- Nurulhana Borhan --- Abdullah Sukardi
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Seeking Underground for Potential Heat Sink in Malaysia for Earth Air Heat Exchanger (EAHE) Application
Aliyah Nur Zafirah Sanusi --- Li Shao --- Aidil Azlan Ahmad Zamri

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Developing a New Measuring Instrument of Service Quality for the Public Sector
Ummi Aminah Zamhari --- Firdaus Abdullah
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Effect of Temporary and Permanent Treatments of Extracts of Thyme and Stevia on Postharvest Quality of Gerbera Cut Flowers
Shima Amini --- Mehrdad Jafarpour ---  Kamran Asgari
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Effect of Government Mediated Access Pricing on Availability and Pricing of Drugs in the Philippines
Jesus N. Sarol Jr. 
Pages: 565-572 Download PDF
The Interaction of Power, Tenure, and Financial Fraud in Indonesia
Andri Zainal --- Datin Rusnah Muhamad
Pages: 573-592 Download PDF
Investigation of the Effect of Online Bidding, E-store, and Price on Shopping in Thailand
P. Mekkamol ---Subchat Untachai
Pages: 593-602 Download PDF
Traditions, Entrepreneurship, and Governance: a Comparative Case Study of Cultural and Creative Industry and City’s Transformation in Macau and Tallinn
Yan Liu --- Katrin Paadam --- Jihui Zhang

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Development of Aqueous Electrolytes and Corrosion Inhibitors in Aluminium-Air Battery
Marliyana Mokhtar --- Meor Zainal Meor Talib --- Siti Masrinda Tasirin --- Edy Herianto Majlan
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Bank Efficiency in Southeast Asian Countries: The Impact of Environmental Variables
Shazida Jan Mohd Khan
Pages: 658-672 Download PDF
Government Ownership and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
Ibrahim Aramide Salihu --- Siti Normala Sheikh Obid --- Hairul Azlan Annuar
Pages: 673-689 Download PDF
Availability of Morphologically Similar, Genetically Diverge Penaeus Monodon Populations in Sri Lanka
Munasinghe D.H.N.
Pages: 690-698 Download PDF
Measurement and Study of Radioactive Radon Gas Concentrations in the Selected Samples of Water for AL-Shomaly / Iraq
Wasan Mnati Mohammed
Pages: 699-704 Download PDF
Effect of Molar Concentration on the Optical and Structural Properties of CdO: in Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis
Jinan Ali Abd --- Rafia T. Ahmed --- Nada A. Mohamed
Pages: 705-712 Download PDF
Bayes Risk for Selection the Median Category from Even Sample Size in K-Nomial Distribution
Kawther Fawzi Hamza
Pages: 713-721 Download PDF
A Spatial Econometrics Analysis of Educational Distribution and Regional Income Disparities in Nigeria
Habibu Mohammed Umar --- Russayani Ismail --- Lim Hock Eam
Pages: 722-731 Download PDF
Study of Persian Garden Structure from Cultural Impact
Nazanin Nafisi --- Yusoff Abbas
Pages: 732-735 Download PDF
Measuring Thicknesses of Films by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Aissa Manallah --- Christoph Meier --- Mohamed Bouafi
Pages: 736-739 Download PDF
Challenges and Surveys in Key Management and Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
T. Lalitha --- R. Uma Rani
Pages: 740-751 Download PDF
Linking Brand’s Competitive Advantage and Customer Satisfaction in Private Chain Clinic Industry: The Mediating Role of Price
Mohamad Naqiuddin Md Mansor --- Fauziah Sh. Ahmad
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A Community Happiness Index: The Experience from Indian Community Group in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Rozilah Kasim --- Khadijah Md Ariffin --- David Martin --- Ismail Abdul Rahman --- Sasitharan Nagapan --- Segaran Muniandy
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Comparison of Supported and Unsupported Co/Pd Nano Particles Catalysts to Synthesize CNT
Ghazaleh Allaedini --- Siti Masrinda --- Zahira Yaakob --- Jaafar Sahari --- Meor Zainal Talib
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Cybercrimes and Victimization: An Analysis of Economic – Cost Implications to Nigeria
Dagaci Aliyu Manbe --- Sule Magaji --- Damagun Y. M.
Pages: 777-785 Download PDF
Enhancement of Instrumented Car Design for Driver Behaviour Research Changing Driver Behaviour with Instrumented Car Design
Abdullah Sukardi --- Mohd Khairul Alhapiz Ibrahim --- Muammar Quadaffi Mohd Ariffin
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Optimization H2so4 Concentration on the Leaching Process of Extracting Titanium from Zircon Sand
Sunardi Rahman --- Tito Prastyo Rahman --- Irwan Nugraha --- Dwi Wahyu Nugroho --- Irwan Nugraha --- Eryuni Setyani --- Radyum Ikono --- Nurul Taufiqu Rochman
Pages: 791-794 Download PDF
Hollowed Out or Brimming Over? :Associational Life in the Privatized Public Spaces of Manila Shopping Malls
Rowena Capulong Reyes
Pages: 795-806 Download PDF
Performance of Public Hospitals in Malaysia and its Determinants: An Analysis Using Data Envelopment and Tobit Model
Shamzaeffa Samsudin --- Shri Dewi Applanaidu --- Ahmad Sobri Jaafar --- Jamal Ali --- Rahimah Majid
Pages: 807-815 Download PDF
The Effect of Movie Subtitling on Incidental Vocabulary Learning among EFL Learners
Bahman Gorjian
Pages: 816-826 Download PDF
A New Technique for Hot- Wire Anemometer
Taiwo Adekolawole --- Timothy Oke
Pages: 827-837 Download PDF
Investigating the Preference to Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts
Suhana Mohamed --- Melati Ahmad Anuar --- Haliza Hirza Jaffar

Pages: 838-844 Download PDF
An Multivariate Interpretation of Quality Water in Atoyac River: In Dry and Rain Season: Puebla-Tlaxcala, Mexico
E. Martínez-Tavera --- P.F. Rodríguez-Espinosa --- S. S. Morales García --- N.P. Muñoz Sevilla
Pages: 845-851 Download PDF