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Article withdrawal

Conscientia Beam believes in keeping the honesty of its archive and the part of publishers play in scholarly discussion. A rigorous control of the quality and integrity of the articles published has meant that scholarly publishing provides a permanent and integral archive of the procedures and achievements of scientific research. In this context, Conscientia Beam endeavors to stimulate the circulation of scientific research, offering cost-effective solutions to authors, libraries and scientific societies, with specific regard to the ethical, moral and legal concerns involved. The online archive record may not be tampered with, or edited without just cause.

Correction notices
It is indeed in the progress of academic conversation that honest errors may be made. Conscientia Beam cognizes that it must assault the steadiness between maintaining the Version of Record and posing limpidity for readers. Conscientia Beam may correct the Version of Record where the error renders in the article and its research precisely improper, such as a formula/equation containing an error. If else stated, Conscientia Beam is unable to accept any post-acceptance changes. The affiliation and author name published in the article should be the affiliation and author name at the time the research was conducted.

Article Withdrawal
Conscientia Beam accepts withdrawal only in the following cases:

  1. An article that has been accepted for publication in the journal, but that have not been officially published on the website.
  2. An unintended duplicates of other published article(s).
  3. In case of  multiple submission, bogus claims of authorship, plagiarism, and fake use of data (Before publication on the website, if article publish the Conscientia Beam will retract the article by mentioning the reason). 

Article Retraction

Publisher or  Journal editors should consider retracting a publication if:

Publisher or Journal editors should consider issuing an expression of concern if: 

Journal editors should consider issuing a correction if: 

The original article is retained unchanged save for a watermark on the .pdf indicating on each page that it is “retracted.”

Article Removal: Legal limitations

This will only occur where the article is clearly defamatory, or infringes others’ legal rights, or where the article is, or we have good reason to expect it will be, the subject of a court order, or where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk. In these circumstances, while the metadata (Title and Authors) will be retained, the text will be replaced with a screen indicating the article has been removed for legal reasons.

Article Replacement

In cases where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk, the authors of the original article may wish to retract the flawed original and replace it with a corrected version. In these circumstances the procedures for retraction will be followed with the difference that the database retraction notice will publish a link to the corrected re-published article and a history of the document.